Hay guys … ..? This time I will discuss a blockchain project called AFRICUNIA BANK, blockchain introduces an innovative banking model that enables the use of digital currencies without the risks and technical barriers associated with transfer ownership and crypto and token trading. Of course the platform has its own satisfaction. Because that’s how this project was made, well at last I will explain what it is AFRICUNIA!


Africunia is registered in the UK as Africunia Limited, providing Global Banking and Financial Services. The “CUNIA” in “Africunia” is derived from the Latin word “PERCUNIA” meaning “money” or “cash” while “AFRI” is a shortened version of AFRICA. Therefore translated — Africunia means African Money or African Cash.

Africunia comes to introduce an innovative banking model that enables the use of no-risk digital currencies and technical barriers associated with ownership transfer and crypto and token trading.

Africunia is a third-generation closed-end fund that uses Blockchain. Technology to create banks and peer-to-peer cryptocurrenci is called Afcash. If ICO succeeds Africunia will become a digital financial institution that can be accessed anywhere. Africa will work like a bank conventional, but not host any branch also has a physical office.

Can also called AFRICUNIA is a virtual bank that will issue AFCASH using AFRICUNIA Blockchain 3.0 Technology. In fact, AFRICUNIA creates a lost link between conventional banks and the world’s baron economy that is dominated by blockchain 3.0.

africunia goals

Our main goal is to become the industry standard and one stop shop to set up token funds, regardless of whether those funds are investing in fiat or crypto nature. We intend to bridge the gap between these two worlds while taking advantage of both worlds.

Excess Africunia

1. Offer the best cryptocurrency from the Fiat world. The majority of tokenized investment platforms are completely cryptooriented or pegged to some tradable assets such as gold or currency fiat. This siled approach hampers diversification. AFRICAintends to create the platform for users to benefit from both including decentralization, transparency, and exchange rates.

2. Promote sustainable fund investment. All token funds will be reviewed and approved by our advisory laws to ensure they are fully compliant with existing laws and regulations. By sifting through these risks from the start, AFRIKA will increase investor confidence and offer the necessary sustainability investment.

3. Develop a standard platform. Setting up the right investment structure is a difficult and costly undertaking. Not all tokenized funds set up have the appropriate structure, thus increasing regulatory risk for investors. AFRICA believes that this is a great time to launch industry standards to set up tokenized investment platforms.

4. Enhanced transparency Signature of the interest of the fund — or part of the profits provides accountability and transparency of the investment process. The required transparency will significantly improve the accountability of the investment manager.

5. Developing measurable funds. By using the AFRICUNIA platform, approved investment managers will set up and run token investment funds without going through the constraints and required IT development efforts and legal infrastructure.

Profits for investors

Advantages for crypto investors:

• A new opportunity to access assets from the universe of fiat without leaving the crypto universe to comfort.

• Unprecedented diversification opportunities due to the low correlation between fiat and crypto assets.

• Access to investment opportunities that can lower the risk profile to complement and balance existing speculative exposures.

Benefits for fiat investors:

• Provision of higher net returns, cost-effective for tokenized fund structures

• Access to new asset classes due to lower barriers to a prepared fund and administration on the Africunia platform.


The base of AFRICUNIA BANK is an increase in capital invested according to client development which in turn maximizes its benefits. In addition, with respect to technology security, our network architecture is decentralized. Therefore, the instrument must link data storage, cryptographic encryption and security mechanisms for the identification, authentication and authorization of individuals or corporations. However, data processing is done automatically by using the applied AI algorithm. On this page there are some of our technologies.

How to participate in ICO

Some ways participants to invest using the following methods:

• Purchase a direct credit card or debit card to be cashed in

website website.


currency using Debit Card / Credit Card and SWIFT transfer.

• Purchase directly on the platform of our website by using

The following emergency crypto:

Token Sharing:

  • Public donors will be allocated 50% of AFCASHs.
  • Reserves of companies will be awarded 30% of AFCASHs. The reserves will be part of the company’s revenue source after the distribution period and will be partially allocated between the direct contributor and the core business team if necessary.
  • The remaining 20% ​​of AFCASH will be allocated to Established Established Africunia Members and their advisors, partners and campaigners: 15% (Africunia Founders); 3% (Counselors & Partners); 2% (Campaigner). These funds will not soon be traded to continue to motivate the core team after the distribution period

Detail Token

Token / Coin Symbol : AFCASH

Token / Coin total supply : 500,000,000 (five hundred million AFCASHs)

Supply Circulation : 500,000,000 (five hundred million AFCASHs)

Token / Coin price : 1 AFCASH = $ 0.10 USD

Unsold token: Unsold token will be burned

Share token: At the end of each Financial Year, 20% of AFRICUNIA BANK’s profits will be distributed among all our shareholders. Token (AFCASH) based on each Shareholder of the total number of Token issued, and this will be automatically paid to Coin User in each wallet. In other words, you are entitled to AFRICA Bank Income Assume this as PASSIVE REVENUES.


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