One chain

 distributed global platform for sending instant messages.

Hello Dear readers and subscribers to this blog are probably interested in learning about new, promising project Onachain
  Onechain is an innovative online platform with wallet and chat. In other words, it can be expressed as a distributed global platform for sending instant messages.
He uses high-tech block chain technology for his activities. His purse protects users’ means and the chat function allows the user to communicate properly. There is also a compatible Web application on mobile devices.
This means that users can instantly access OneChain from mobile devices. OneChain creates its own storage platform so that the current archive supports over 700 different tokens and creates the environment.
 Using many individual encryption steps, this will be the most secure foundation for your property. Also, because it uses proprietary middleware, the transaction speed is independent of the underlying platform and transactions are faster (about 20,000 peak transactions per second (TPS) per second).
Supports nearly all valuable innovative digital assets, the platform grows with digital assets. This is an integral part of the digital currency industry! OneChain has two concepts. OneGood and OneBad are the balances of two user authentication systems when users are rated good. Of course, they can give OneGood the opposite direction, but the bad guys are bundled with OneBad. Also, if a large number of OneBad people are too high, we have opportunity to register on blacklist. All users on the system are constantly warned when dealing with these malicious people. When these actions are recorded in the block chain, fake reputation is easily detected.
Benefits of one chain
  • It is a very reliable, well-known platform and includes an easy-to-use interface
  • On the platform, all users can fully control the private key. 
  • This is the ideal solution for exchanging encryption currencies.
  • We provide automatic transaction of encryption currency. 
  • Encrypt all messages sent over this platform.
  • It has a relatively high level of performance. 
  • There is no need to manually check the encryption currency. 
  • Protect users’ privacy by allowing only secure chat within the platform. 
  • Supports all chats (group chat) in the form of images, emotions, sounds, text etc. 
  • Complete compatibility with iOS, EOS, Android device
The team plans to develop a project targeting 5 million users in January 2019. The roadmap also includes the possibility to move the ecosystem to the EOS block chain if the new block circuit provides sufficient warranty and security.
ICO and Token Terms of Service
  • Token name: ONE
  • ICO begins: April 10 (UTC) 10:00
  • Expiration date of ICO: 10 am on April 26
  • ICO supply: 200.000.000 1
  • Soft cap: 50.000.000 ONE
  • Currencies received: BTC, ETH, EOS
  • Preview token: 1 BTC 1 = 80000 ONE, 1 EOS 1 = 80 ONE, 1 ETH 1 = 5100 ONE
  • Minimum support: 0.2 BTC / 3.5 ETH / 200 EOS
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