AFRICUNIA — The First African Fiat and Crypto Bank

The world of blockchain technology has now come to a very exciting point. The desire for most people in the world to meet with the ability of financial companies scattered throughout the world, to bring them to a deeper discussion. About how the digital world becomes a bridge on the real needs of banking. United Kingdom again shows us who they look at the data provided by the International Menetery Fund (IMF) also the World Bank that is conducting a series of recent research on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

Although there is considerable distance between traditional banking regulations and cryptocurrency led by Bitcoin, which is officially centered on Japan. And the Swiss Tax authority confirms that Bitcoin has met the VAT-free status standard. Still, a token transparent, seamless, and regulatory-compliant process is required. This is where we need a platform that mediates between physical and digital meeting. As a first step, AFRICUNIA (African Cash) where they headquartered in Blackburn, Lancashire-UK, pioneered it on blockchain technology as fiat bank and crypto as well.

Given the substantial transaction costs charged to bank customers or investors in every transaction, they offer low-cost international payments by allowing conventional banks to adopt the proposed Blockchain Technology. Implementing digital pass technology that will serve as automation which integrated several industries to access financial at a clicks. Africunia also develops Secure Wallet Systems technology, which can work actively as an offline wallet, online wallet, and ultra thin wallet, with secure storage and high security. The most important thing is, combining the transfer of banknotes between banks like SWIFT / BIC, but much more instant. P2P cryptocurrency transfers, fiat / forex / trading / coin / exchange / lending marketplace, smart contracts, open API’s, artificial intelligence, crypto-based point of sale, all completed digital pass technology in one place.

With complete services as above, then the investor will greatly benefit from this technology. Africunia provides comfort and profit by two subject angles, they are a crypto investors and fiat investors. What are the benefits they will get? At least, there are some that I can call here. For Crypto Investors: Access an open opportunity for fiat money assets, without leaving their convenience on crypto money. Then, there is no chance of a diversified precedent because of the low correlation between fiat money and crypto money. And for fiat investors: Provision of higher net returns, thanks to cost-efficient structures of the tokenized funds. And access to new classes of assets on the Africunia platform.

Africunia Roadmap
The Bitcoin crypto was loud for it’s massive potential for the existing centralized banking system. Other currencies begin to spring up from each other consensus algorithm is Ethereum. While Bitcoin crypto brought about solution to the financial world, the Ethereum crypto sought to bring about solutions to programs called smart contracts. This is what causes Africunia to run its platform on the basis of technology owned by Ethereum, without disregarding the existence of other currencies first known by the number of users. Obviously this has a challenge to Africunia that will have a very positive impacts on potential investors.

Then, what about the coin owned by Africunia? That’s right, the token name are AFCASH. This as well as a crypto currency that will greatly help bridge the financial distance from Africa. By integrating decentralized technology with financial services, it produces a combination that is absolutely necessary considering the crypto world desperately needs the flexibility of this service. So, how to get the best AFCASH tokens? Take a good look at the initial sales period. Don’t let this initial coin offering (ICO) you miss.

Token Distribution

By the exciting breakthrough is its application for two unique world positions, which are driving economic conditions in Africa, and platforms that run with the latest generation in blockchain technology. As informed on the website The value of the current Afcash token is $ 0.10 USD / 1 AFCASH. The total number of supply and circulating are 500,000,000 AFCASHs. So if there is a coin or token that can not be sold at the initial offer, automatically the token will burn automatically, it has reached the deadline for the sale. Don’t be left to become an actors of changing the financial world, to move toward a more dynamic and fun investment conditions.

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