I AM HERO is a career platform. Connect people and companies more intelligently through AI algorithms.
We do not match jobs with others, We match jobs with personality. “Together, we’re all Heroes.”
Together, we can do this by transforming society into an efficient, effective, and orderly task group
where everyone is in their perfect place doing what they really like
iamhero.io is a service whereby candidates access specific Job in accordance with their qualifications and where Entrepreneurs have access to highly qualified personnel for their specific needs in a new and refreshing way. The system uses high-performing AI (Artificial Intelligence) to match both sides and build connectivity between the two.
Charges are subject to service use by both parties and additional contracting costs to the company for placement when matching and recruitment are completed; thus insuring constant income inflows for the expansion and development of the IAMHERO system in the future.
A very promising project was launched a year ago to create an important automated system using special software that can quickly perform all the functions of the project. IAMHERO achieved a very high level of efficiency and speed in this endeavor. Testing is almost complete, and the results are very satisfactory. Our goals have been achieved, and we are constantly improving the system’s functions on the platform.
Now IAMHERO provides an outstanding software solution for the industry, which everyone can easily understand and use anywhere in the world. The service will be translated into several different languages, and eventually it will be available worldwide.
IAMHERO is striving to become the leading platform for career searches in the near future. Our mission is to help people find the job of studying in a college, university, or school. In addition, in our opinion, hiring and service contracts between employers and employees should be organized and supported through blockchain registries using smart contracts. The result of the work order is analyzed using a block chain, which in turn corrects and clears the payment through a smart contract. A set of rules in block mode automatically converts / performs transactions through this system, while remaining neutral in value.
This is a very necessary application, which should be on the phone of everyone who wants to find a decent job. And not necessarily in the city and country in which he lives.

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