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Bob’s Repair is a company created to eliminate cheating in a skilled trading services industry by launching a decentralized website where everyone can perform a search based on previous transactions for any worker and see how many services they have.

Bob’s Repair founder has been connecting contractors with consumers since 2013, serving 55,000 consumers and generating over $ 1,000,000 in revenues for their contractors through marketing initiatives. The brothers then decided to use Blockchain technology to solve major problems affecting today’s home improvement market by setting up Bob’s Repair.

Bob’s Repair’s mission is to completely eliminate cheating and intermediaries in the industry, bringing all consumers immediate and low-priced, transparency and peace of mind when looking for contractors.

Bob Repair will utilize a smart contract to withhold payment on escrow and remove it when the milestone is completed.

Bob Repair is building a Trusted Transaction Network where consumers can set milestones with contractors and release funds after completing each stage of the project.

Smart contract — cryptocontract is a computer program that directly controls the transfer of digital currency or assets between parties under certain conditions. Smart contracts not only characterize guidelines and punishments around the same understanding as conventional contracts, but they can also authorize that commitment. Without a creative broker is guaranteed easy to use.

With this consolidation into Bob’s Repair platform, openness and trust will be achieved. Once one party meets the demand or supply, the framework naturally makes predetermined deposits and in circumstances where one party misses the mark, everyone will understand the implications.


Unique features of Bob’s repair 

1. Trust With Blockchain

All reviews will be linked to actual financial transactions, providing consumers with reviews that are real and unalterable

2. Nation-Wide Expansion

The 50,000+ customers that the Prandecki Brothers have previously connected to contractors will be onboarded on the Bob’s Repair application.

3. Smart Contracts for Smart Contractors

Bob’s Repair will leverage smart contracts to hold payments in escrow and issue them as milestones are completed

1. Review Fraud:

Companies artificially inflate their overall ratings by buying fake reviews, and paying to eliminate bad reviews. Consequently, customers have trouble trusting search listings like local Google recommendations, HomeAdvisor and Yelp, and most time end up hiring inefficient contractors.

2. High costs due to Advertising Fee:

Consumers pay exorbitantly for contractors services. A major part of this service fees derive from huge amounts contractors pay for advertising.

3. Pricing Transparency:

Contractors are not honest with their pricing, and since most consumers are ignorant of actual costs of the services, they end up paying over times two (x2) of the actual service cost.

About the three years ago, the skilled Trade Worker Platform (STWP) was created by the Prandecki brothers. The STWP was an automated SMS system which connected to other platforms through API.

In order to enable people interact properly with the platform, the team have proposed to build an application known as the BOB APPLICATION. This application will work on iOS devices, Android devices, and even on the web in order to carry just everyone along.

BOB APPLICATION will not allow contractors to advertise, therefore no one will get spooked to pay up hidden advertising charges that were not disclosed in the first place.


the team decided to adopt an ERC 20 Based Ethereum token to guarantee transparent and secure value exchange on their platform. The token will also be adopting the smart contracts technology, and can be purchased on the platform. The token is identified as BOB.

Looking at such innovative idea, those who want to participate in the BOB ICO will however need to complete a Know Your Customer verification form, and anti money laundry form, and finally provide an ethereum wallet address with which they will receive the BOB token.

Here are some extra information about the token that you should know:

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