QUIFAS — Secure and innovative Block Exchange-Based Custom Cryptocurrency Platform

Successful greetings to all your crypto friends wherever you are. Hopefully you are in a Healthy state all Amiin. on this occasion I will inform you all about one of the ongoing ICO projects that is QUIFAS EXCHANGE .

What is a QUIFAS EXCHANGE project ?

QUIFAS EXCHANGE is an innovative secure cryptocurrency exchange built for the community. Quifas is also called customer service that is easy to use, highly measurable, ultra fast and superb. Quifas also cares about the security of its users and takes all necessary measures to protect their funds. Our specialists will monitor the system, eradicate, and prevent hacks in our exchange.

To improve convenience, the Quifas Platform will build mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. They will allow cryptocurrency traders to gain profit regardless of location.

Quifas’s mission is to allow anyone, from any part of the world to do secure cryptoasset transactions with just a few clicks. This Quifas platform will eliminate the existing short quota of solutions and bring its own innovative solutions to market. This will allow him to take his place among the market leader and move on from the competition.


Quifas feature

Exceptional Customer Service.

Infrastructure Scalability.

Ultra Fast Matching Machine.

Upgrade Account Immediately.

Cross Platform Support.

News section.

Quifas Market

Market capitalization

The cryptomarket center is growing rapidly. Capitalization during 2017 grew more than 30 times, and by the end of January 2018, the value reached $ 500 billion. Figure 1 summarizes the growth of cryptographic market capitalization over the last five years.

In addition, new cryptocurrencies, or tokens, appear every day. There are already over 1500 of them. And their numbers will continue to grow in the future, as some projects use ICO as a way to obtain financing.

The cryptomarket capitalization will increase along with the popularity of ICO. The market capitalization of cryptoasset is already in billions. At the same time, a thousand-fold ROI that follows ICO or the creation of a new cryptocurrency is quite common.

Figure 2: shows the market capitalization of the top 20 coins.


To create a new cryptocurrency exchange capable of taking a leading position among existing competitors, careful analysis of their current problems has been made. It can be said that almost all cryptocurrency exchanges are working and their users are experiencing serious problems. As new investors flood the market, the exchange is currently struggling to meet the huge demand and many of them shut the door for new investors.

Here are some key difficulties facing exchange and current users:

Lack of Customer Service.

Inadequate Infrastructure for Scale.

Security Violations.

Low Withdrawal Limit.

Pending Account Upgrade.

Liquidity Issues.

Inefficient Multilingual Support.

Quifas Solution

Quifas is an innovative exchange cryptocurrency, which will eliminate current market problems. Users will have access to a very intuitive interface on the platform, and exchange staff who will provide efficient support services linked to all questions. Support will be provided in user-friendly language.

The integration of the latest technology solutions will allow Quifas to execute up to 2.5 million transactions per second. This will ensure that the system will operate at full capacity even at peak loads. In addition, Quifas is concerned about the security of its users and takes all necessary measures to protect their funds from hackers and scammers.

All of this will be combined with a unique and new solution that allows Quifas to be one of the best exchanges on the market:

The purpose of Quifas.

Quifas’s goal is to create innovative crypto exchanges with the easiest-to-use algorithm that ensures high security and allows millions of transactions per second.

Quifas function.

Quipas exchanges are built to handle all the above mentioned problems, faced by most current cryptourrency. The main purpose of this platform is to improve and facilitate the user experience.

Quifas Exchange will provide the following solutions:

Exceptional Customer Service.


Security Improvements

Upgrade Account Immediately.

Unlimited withdrawal

Scalable Infrastructure.

Ultra Fast Matching Machine.

Cross Platform Support.

API Support

Advanced Trading Features.

News section.

Generation of Income

Quifas will apply the following Revenue Structure to the non-quifas token holder:

Token Sale Quifas

Quifas Tokens (QFS) is the Evidence issued by Quifas Exchange will have a maximum supply of 200 Million QFS. The Quifas sign is an ERC 20 token issued on Blockchain Ethereum and will be supported by all Ethereum wallets.

Benefits Token

Zero Trade Fee.

Trade Discount for Non-QFS Token Transactions.

Selection of New Coins Registered.

Token Distribution

Use of the Fund

exchange will use the funds collected during tokensale as follows:

40%: Development of the Quifas Platform.

30%: Marketing, PR and Branding.

20%: Liquidity Fund.

10%: Legal.

Bonus Structure



More information about Quifas:

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