Betrium — Cryptocurrency Worldwide Sportbets

Betrium is a decentralized service that is revolutionizing the nature of online betting and the partly decentralized worldwide betting exchange and sportsbook that has lowest commissions, accepts cryptocurrencies and offers platform for event organizers, developers and third-party service providers. In Betrium bets happen off-chain and only added when the event happens and the outcome is undeniable. However the bets are broadcasted all over the network instantly for the odds to be recalculated. That means, in contrast to competitors, Betrium are able to provide high-speed betting service built on decentralized IT architecture. Any solution powered just by Ethereum blockchain simply can’t provide the speed required for professional betting/trading on sports.

Betrium offer a unique creation platform for event organizers. The platform gives opportunity to create events (and particularly cyber sport streams) to the Betrium betting platform and make profit on betting using a powerful blockchain technology, The event organizers receive 80% of net income earned from betting. For example, e-game organizer or player can create the match on the Betrium, add potential outcomes and publish it. Betrium will automatically adjust the odds to make it profitable. In future, Betrium may become a worldwide betting processing center providing its core to the huge number of services.

The adventages of Betrium

  • Betrium provides unique betting creation platform for event organizers such as e-sport streamers or small sport leagues.
  • Betrium works globally and supports crypto-currencies withdrawals all around the world. 24/7 support on 18 languages.
  • Betrium does not take comission from money deposits and withdrawals, winnings. Also do not take taxes on personal income.


50% of Betrium’s profit will share between tokens holders. The rest 50% will be spent on platform developing and support. Example: If you hold 1% of all issued Betrium tokens, you will receive 0.5% share of all net profit.


  • 10% PRE-ICO
  • 45% ICO
  • 20% SCO
  • 20% Management
  • 5% Advisors


Total token supply: 140.000.000 BTRM token (The tokens will be issued during the pre-ICO and ICO).

Early Pre-ICO

Dates: 23th October — 22 November 2017

6000 token per 1 ETH

Token price: 0.000166 ETH

SOFT CAP: 320 ETH (571 ETH raised)

SUPPLY: 4.000.000 BTRM

Status — FINISHED!!


Dates: 22th January — 14 February 2018

5000 token per 1 ETH

Token price: 0.0002 ETH

SOFT CAP: 340 ETH (1132 ETH raised)

SUPPLY: 10.000.000 BTRM

Status — FINISHED!!


Dates: 5th April — 14 May 2018

3000–1600 token per 1 ETH

Token price: 0.00033–0.00071 ETH


SUPPLY: 63.000.000 BTRM


Dates: Mid 2019

199–99 token per 1 ETH

Token price: 0.01 ETH

SUPPLY: 25.000.000 BTRM

How to contribute in ICO betrium?

1. Go to

2. Klik BUY TOKENS then klik continue

3. you will be direct to the site and klik register now

4. go to your email account and open the message from betrium and klik link confirmation registration email. after that, you can login using your email and password.

5. finally, you are login to your dashboard-account.

6. Now, you can contribute for betrium!!

How to participate using

You can read the instruction here:


Use of proceed

Capital for Wins Rewards 10%

PR & Marketing 40%

IT Infrastructure Development and Support 22%

Legal Issues Fixing 4%

Localization for major languages 1%

Operational Spends (office, employees, etc.) 8%

Unforeseen Expenses 12%

Founders and Developers Bonus 3%

For details information about Betrium, please visit the website: or read the whitepaper here: or discuss with the team on telegram:

Quick link:

ANN thread:
Telegram: &

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