Crosspays is the world’s first concept of a self-regulating multinational economic and social system, based on the Idea of Economic Justice and Mutual Benefits. The essence of Crosspays is simple: the system aggregates all the main markets for goods and services, which allows Manufacturers of goods and services not to pay huge extra charges to intermediaries and speculators. And simple Users automatically receive income from their actions not only in the Crosspays Community, but also on the Internet. If now, any actions of the User in the Internet are monetized (without his knowledge) only by Monopolies and Internet giants, then Crosspays redistribute this revenue in the User’s direction in various ways with the help of Blockchain.In fact, Crosspays affecting all spheres of economic activity, throws an archaic economic model to the scrapyard, the basis of which is the predatory percentage of the Mediator and the Speculator. The new Digital Economy should and will have the concept of Economic Justice and the Crosspays Community Benefit concept. This means that any active User becomes a beneficiary of the world economy and will receive a portion of the gross income of the world’s economic B2B, C2B, B2C, advertising and media markets controlled by only a few hundred multinational corporations.How quickly in one form or another the concept of economic justice wins, depends not only on the team of Crosspays, but also on the support of this Idea by cryptocommunity enthusiasts. In the near future, minions of monopolies, corporations and their minions from the Forbes list will organize a tsunami of criticism against Crosspays, as it was with Bitcoin and Blockchain. Therefore, the team of Crosspays hopes for any of your help during the ICO.The mechanics of Crosspays work are detailed in our WhitePaper, we are ready for Private Presale and if you read this text, you can already buy CPS tokens on the Community site with significant discounts.


The platform would have the following features:

  • Business men can deliver services and goods directly to end users.
  • Manufacturers and consumers can avail of this universal marketplace for supply as well as demand of goods.
  • Communities can deal with different kinds of services such as logistics, renting, lending and others.



DATES: 14.05.2018 to 24.06.2018PRESALE: During the round 150,000,000 CPS tokens will be sold including bonuses.THE PRICE OF THE TOKEN — 0.50 USDThe minimum purchase limit is 30 USDSOFT CAP: 5,000,000 USDHARD CAP: 50,000,000 USD

  • ICO

DATES: 02.07.2018 to 05.08.2018ICO: 600,000,000 CPS tokens will be soldTHE PRICE OF THE TOKEN: — 0.50 USDMINIMUM PURCHASE LIMIT: 50 USDSOFT СAP: 50,000,000 USDHARD CAP: 200,000,000 USD


Name: Crosspays Token, designaon – (CPS) Platform:Ethereum, standard ERC 20, open Total number: 999 000 000, limited Smart contract: available for audit in GitHub repository Regulaon: all unsold tokens will be burned Price ofthe token:- $ 0.50 Enrollment:within 14 days aerpurchase Accepted are: • Bitcoin (BTC) • Litecoin (LTC) • Ethereum (ETH) • Bitcoin Cash (BCH) • Zcash (ZEC) Appearing on the exchanges: aerthe compleon of the ICO Nominal value in Crosspays: not lowerthan $1 Development – 40%. Marketing – 30%. Unforeseen circumstances – 20%. Other 10%


2017 (III sq.) Strategic and system analysis of the world and cryptoeconomy, naonal markets, trading plaorms, systems. The concept of Crosspays is developed.2017 (III sq.) Seed investment – $ 500,000. Start Crosspays2017 (IV quarter) Data processing and design of the internal architecture and economic structure of Crosspays taking into account the needs and long-term changes in the global economy2018 (I quarter) Designed and developed: the prototype, architecture and front-end of the System, Smart Contract CPS, Crosspays-landing page and Crosspays bounty-system is integrated with the Facebook API Graph, TwierAPI and Telegram2018 (II-III sq.) Stage of acve development: backend, frontend, billing. Search forinternaonal partners. Expansion ofthe Crosspays team. 2018 (III sq.) Grants to scienfic teams and inclusion of communitymembers in the development of Crosspay2018 (III-IVsq.) Launch ofthe Beta version ofCrosspays. Run the “Crosspays SmartWiki” algorithm. Development of applicaons for iOS and Android. Creaon of the base for Smart Contracts. Cryptocurrency exchange. Implementaon of the open API. Mobile Banking. Mulcurrency digital wallet. Improving the system and adding funcons. Basic language  localization.2018 (IVquarter). Basic adaptaon to legislave, legal and juridical norms of countries2019 (I-II sq.) Launch of the mullingual decentralized system Crosspays. The launch of the global adversing campaign – “Crosspays – world marketplace2019 (I-III sq.) Implementaon ofthe Big Data technology. Integraon work with Internet ofThings (IoT) technology: Beginning ofthe implementaon of Arficial Intelligence technology: Preparing for IPO2019 The beginning of the transion of the world economy to the digital model Croospays




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