Betrium Bets — The Future Of Gambling

Betrium is the solution evolved by way of institution of entrepreneurs and MIT & MIPT graduates presenting the primary in part decentralized worldwide having a bet carrier (making a bet change & sportsbook) with 0 — commissions accepting crypto — currencies and supplying platform for occasion organizers, builders and 0.33 — party service companies.
— Betrium receive crypto — currencies from everywhere in the global .
— we will system bets rapid on our decentralized platform.
— We stabilize crypto — currencies volatility .
— We offer the lowest fee and the maximum profitable odds possible.
— We optimize our customers’ taxes and fees.
— We offer platform for event organizers (such as e — sports activities streamers , recreation leagues etc. ) , so they create personal fits/video games on a blockchain and can earn money .
— subsequently , Betrium is 20% greater worthwhile for clients than any other carrier.

The main difference between Betrium and other project s is the business model that actually makes money for founders, investors and customers. So Betrium is launching ICO to raise funding and to make the world ‘s most advanced gambling platform.


establishing its own advanced and fair service based on strong blockchain technology. Betrot Bets occur outside the chain and are only added when the event occurs and the results can not be denied. But the stakes are broadcast across the network instantly for the possibility of being recalculated. That means, unlike competitors, we are able to provide high-speed betting services over decentralized IT architecture.


The gambling industry is growing and moving towards. Gambling has taken part in most people’s lives and the Market Overview illustrates this. Betrot Bets take place outside the chain and are added only when the event occurs and the results can not be denied. But bets are broadcast across the network instantly for opportunities to be recalculated. That means, unlike competitors, we can provide high speed betting services built on decentralized IT architecture


“ ARDOX “ SP Z O O (“the group”) is a restricted liability business enterprise pursuant to eu Polish laws, registered in 2014, KRS: 0000509711, NI P: 7811895945, REGON: 302724922. The Developer has its company seat at Jana Henryka D ą browskiego eighty/4 , Pozna ń.
The crew is growing Betrium undertaking as described in Whitepaper.
As of the day of this whitepaper, Mr. Maksym Suvorov and Mr. Artem Boruta act as managin g administrators, having prison strength to represent the crew. Due the full-size fraud and scam in ICO, the control of B etrium is the primary to provide actual guarantees as an alternative for buyers. moreover, the team is open for private investments.The Betrium is developing the new generation on-line carrier and searching out companions on this adventure. collectively, we will make a future of playing.

The adventages of Betrium

Betrium provides unique betting creation platform for event organizers such as e-sport streamers or small sport leagues.
Betrium works globally and supports crypto-currencies withdrawals all around the world. 24/7 support on 18 languages.
Betrium does not take comission from money deposits and withdrawals, winnings. Also do not take taxes on personal income.


50% of Betrium’s profit will share between tokens holders. The rest 50% will be spent on platform developing and support. Example: If you hold 1% of all issued Betrium tokens, you will receive 0.5% share of all net profit.
45% ICO
20% SCO
20% Management
5% Advisors


Total token supply: 140.000.000 BTRM token (The tokens will be issued during the pre-ICO and ICO).

Early Pre-ICO

Dates: 23th October — 22 November 2017

6000 token per 1 ETH

Token price: 0.000166 ETH

SOFT CAP: 320 ETH (571 ETH raised)

SUPPLY: 4.000.000 BTRM

Status — FINISHED!!


Dates: 22th January — 14 February 2018

5000 token per 1 ETH

Token price: 0.0002 ETH

SOFT CAP: 340 ETH (1132 ETH raised)

SUPPLY: 10.000.000 BTRM

Status — FINISHED!!


Dates: 5th April — 14 May 2018

3000–1600 token per 1 ETH

Token price: 0.00033–0.00071 ETH


SUPPLY: 63.000.000 BTRM


Dates: Mid 2019

199–99 token per 1 ETH

Token price: 0.01 ETH

SUPPLY: 25.000.000 BTRM


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