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Certain metals and chemical elements are used in numerous industries to produce many daily use goods, things and items. Amounts of valuable chemical elements and metals vary from using few grams to huge amounts, depending upon the items to be prepared. Demand of isotopes and valuable and precious metals have been increasing at exponential rates at industrial and commercial levels since last few decades. Cold Transmutation or the Low Energy Nuclear Transformation is such a technique that can benefit the sector by enhancing the less amounts of metals into huge amounts via artificial conversion of raw and cheaper metals into expensive and more useful ones.

SYNTHESTECH is a project that will be introduced with the aim of bringing this cold transmutation technique at industrial and commercial level to fulfill the needs and maximizing the production of certain items (
We, up till now, have conducted more than 300 experiments to convert the natural deposits into Platinum group metals and the results are quite supporting to make up belief on transferring the technology to commercial level with significant and stable results. Since, the results are going to benefit different sectors, let us see how the transformation will be occurring in the meeting the demands of these industries.

• Medical field will the first and foremost sector to be benefited maximum. As different metals have been proved to be biogenic and can increase the life expectancy.
• Jewels are also going to get the maximum benefit as converting raw material into gold will not only increase the production but also will bring down the prices of these valuable jewellery items.
• Isotopes are quite important for different sectors including energy, transport and defense relevant procedures but also produced in low amounts by the natural production of extracting them from raw natural deposits. Cold transmutation, used by SYNTHESTECH, will definitely be able to fulfill the requirements of the afore-mentioned sectors (

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) event, soon to be launched by the valuable and experienced team of SYNTHESTECH team is a different one from other ICOs as other launch ICO to raise maximum funds o be spent on developing and improving their software whereas the funds accumulated during ICO of SYNTHESTECH will be used to buy necessary equipment, complete package of accessories and setting up a laboratory to carry out experiments for successful conversion of least demanded metals into valuable chemical elements so investors and stakeholders should have the guarantee about their investments. Moreover, our plan is to launch the project for platinum production from other cheaper metals on commercial and industrial level and worldwide conversion industry of Platinum is around 12–14 billion dollar per year. These assessments indicate the possibility of revenue generation in this billion-dollar industry (
We have achieved a lot on small-scale and now the objective is to go far in transferring our results on commercial level. Our objectives and goals are clear, described on our website. Views and suggestions are always welcome by the viewers, experts and stakeholders.

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