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Today I will bring a summary of information technology in the world of Cryptocurrency. Currently the number of people with excessive knowledge of blockchain, mining, cryptocurrency and operating modes reaches no more than 0.01%. In order for crypto to be a truly massive phenomenon, there is a clearer and more intimate way of generations (production) in addition to industries such as oneself.

The blockchain technology has made many people in the world multi millionaires in the last few years due to their investment in cryptocurrencies. Most of these crypto millionaires were involved in ICOs. ICOs are initial coins offerings which aim is to provide initial funds for startup companies all over the world to execute their business ventures.

I trust that Blockchain and Cryptocurrency forms of money are separately the innovation and installment technique for what’s to come. With a specific end goal to make such innovation and installments workable for all buyers with most extreme comfort, KahnChat mean to interface the blockchain at the foundation and offer a simple to-utilize interface to any of the blockchain and conventional resources.

As we Know, Every business is based on transactions. But these transactions are often routed through third-party intermediaries like banks, lawyers, and brokers — which can make processing time-consuming and expensive. Blockchain technology has the potential to reduce the role of middlemen, dramatically speeding up multi-participant transactions and lowering costs, while ensuring all parties are protected. People, businesses, machines, and algorithms would be free to transact and communicate with one another in a frictionless way. This is the promise of blockchain.

 About NollyCoin

Nollycoin is the cryptocurrency that powers a blockchain-enabled Peer-To-Peer decentralized ledger system for the distribution of movies and other creative works.

NollyWorld deploys the power of blockchain technology to power an innovative platform for global financing, distribution and consumption Of Nollywood Movies. Nollycoin will power a new ecosystem to unleash the latent potential of Nollywood to the world.

Nollycoin powers a revolutionary Peer-To-Peer creative works sharing and registry Platform for the Movie industry. The Nollytainment ecosystem will work on a decentralized ledger system for the publication and distribution of Movies using blockchain technology, with Nollycoin as the central means of exchange.
The Blockchain That Rewards Entertainers

The Nollytainment project is a new and revolutionary Peer-To-Peer creative works sharing and registry System for the Movie industry in the 3rd world countries, particularly Africa. The Nollytainment ecosystem will center on a decentralized ledger system for the publication and distribution of Movies, with Nollycoin as the central means of exchange.

Smart Transactions 

Nollycoin allows movie producers and their creative works collaborators to license their content as a “coded contract” directly to a decentralized database called a “blockchain”. These contracts automate the collection and distribution of royalty payments and remain in the control of the movie producers and creative artists themselves.

Consumer Satisfaction

Consumers can access a global catalog of movies stored on a peer-to-peer network and pay owners directly using digital currency, based on their usages. Ease-of-use tools can be designed to allow a seamless experience for both movie owners and consumers, and an open protocol will allow third-parties to build a rich Nollycoin ecosystem of value-added software and services.

NollyCoin Ecosystem
Nollycoin also offers a lot of win-win opportunities to stakeholders in the Entertainment industry except the pirates and copyright thieves Here are some solutions and opportunities that Nollycoin is bringing into the entertainment ecosystem :

  • Hard working movie producers win.
  • Collaborators and creative artistes in the movie production chain win.
  • Movie financiers and stakeholders in each completed movie win.
  • Open and transparent record-keeping ledgers for all stakeholders.
  • Big open data on Nollycoin blockchain can also lead to more intelligent movies and other creative works recommendation.

Purpose Of The NollyCoin 

Nollycoin was conceived, designed and created to provide cutting edge solution to the intractable problems of Nollywood (African Movies generally) Some of the direct and immediate purposes of Nollycoin to address specific problems in the industry include:

  • Provide Copyright Protection and Solve Piracy Issues
  • Provide Universal means of exchange for Nollywood movies
  • Provide top Financial Backing for some of the best Producers in the Nollywood to
  • Provide Multi-level World Wide distribution to justify financial investment
  • To Provide Access to Financing and Capital to product qualitative movies
  • Enable Fair Compensation for collaborators in creating the movies

Short Term NollyCoin Project Will Over Next 12 Months :

Nollycoin Wallet 
A Nollycoin wallet is an application used to store and transact Nollycoin with other users. Web-based wallets store your coins online, which is convenient as you can access them from any computer.

Nolly Trading Exchange
Nolly Exchange is a peer-to-peer crypto currency exchange. We will create our own NOLLYCOIN exchange where users can buy and sell Nollycoin, Bitcoin and other major crypto-currencies to and from each other.

Finance of Movies
While many cryptocurrency projects provide a token which can only be used for trading on exchanges, and not much more, Nollycoin token is conceived and designed as a pass-key to our Nollywood based products.


Feb 10th 2018

White Paper Publication

Feb 20th 2018
Nollycoin Wallet

Feb 25th 2018
Release of MVP Mockup

Apri1- May30th 2018
Initial Coin Offering

June1, 2018 
Nollycoin Public Launch

Listing of Nollycoin on Public Trading Exchanges
Launching of Nollycoin Trading Platform [Nollytopia.Com)

Commission of First 10 Exclusive Movies and TV Series for The Nollytainment Movie Platform

Apr–Dec 2018
Nollycoin Acceptance Partner Expansion Campaign

Dec1 2018
Official Launching NollyTV Blockchain Movie Sharing Platform with some great movies
Launching Of Nollycoin Mobile NOLLYTAINMENT

Dec25 2018
Theater Release of 1st Nollycoin Powered Original Movie In Theaters


The population of these four countries is approximately 450 million people. These citizens are having their savings eaten alive almost daily. They can’t plan, save and invest in their futures. Bitcoin offers a hope to these people. One does not need a bank account, an ID, or a national social security number to use bitcoin. Bitcoin will continue to take market share from regional fiat currencies for use as a store of value. People are tired of watching their purchasing power vanish due to inflation. These four countries alone produced over 800 billion dollars of GDP per year. Bitcoins market cap today is around 300 billion.

Bitcoin still fluctuates wildly but as more participants enter, the volatility will smooth out. The market is smart and disciplined. Prices will ultimately reflect the collective knowledge and groupthink of millions of people. Essentially, it comes down to the same debate that a lot of macroeconomics is about. Who is better at allocating? The collective analysis of millions of market participants or a few government officials, lobbyist and bureaucrats? I side with the market and I think Africans will eventually as well.

Token Information :

Pre-Sale : March 1st 2018 and will end on March 31th 2018
ICO : April 1st 2018 – April 30th 2018
The minimum Contribution : 0.10 ETH
Price Per Token : 1 NOLLY = 0.000025 ETH
Tokens available for this sale : 350,000,000
Total Coin Allocation : 500,000,000

Bonus :
March 01 (Pre ICO) 1 ETH = 0.000025 NOLLY Bonus 30%
April 01(Week 1) 1 ETH = 0.000025 NOLLY Bonus 25%
April 8th (Week 2) 1 ETH = 0.000025 NOLLY Bonus 20%
April 15th (Week 3) 1 ETH = 0.000025 NOLLY Bonus 15%
April 24th (Week 3) 1 ETH = 0.000025 NOLLY Bonus 10%


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