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Tokenstars TEAM platform

TokenStars is a decentralized talent management agency that uses the digital currency to tokenize professionals. What does it mean? In principle, you invest in a young professional tennis player, football player or poker player today, and tomorrow you earn money with this professional in the future as soon as he becomes famous.

TokenStars announced plans to decipher tennis stars, football players and celebrities of poker. In the future, the company plans to move to hockey and basketball for the second stage. By the third stage, they hope to add supermodels, film actors and musicians to their agency.

TokenStars is a way to invest in young players, before they become big celebrities. Today you can support the player financially, hoping that he will become a great athlete in the future. Once this player becomes a celebrity, you can earn prize money and sponsorship.


TokenStars is developing its platform for blocking it to make it transparent and verifiable, creating a powerful global community, to reduce the cost of money transfer and faster transactions without the need for a third party, and to exclude middlemen and ensure greater transparency in celebrity management.

The main idea of ​​TokenStars is to organize interaction between stars, fans and advertisers at a qualitatively new level and solve the main problems of the talent management industry.

  1. Stars: talents and professionals. In an era when professional career development is highly dependent on funding and attracting social capital, the stars need new ways to find an audience and sponsors.
  2. Fans. The balance between celebrities, fans and the media has changed a lot. People no longer want to watch from the outside. They want to communicate with celebrities, criticize, discuss events and find new ways of interacting with their favorites. Fans need new opportunities for two-way communication with celebrities.
  3. Advertisers. Brands are always in search of new channels of promotion and highly interested audience. To do this, you need transparent adjustable tools for launching advertising campaigns.

Problem solving

TokenStars solves 4 main problems of market participants:

  1. Talents (future stars). We provide financial support to talents at a young age so that they do not give up professional development in sports or the entertainment industry. We also attract the audience and strengthen the social importance of the star from the very beginning of cooperation, and the professional career starts with a noticeable break from competitors.
  2. Professionals (athletes and stars). We are engaged in image and advertising promotion of professional athletes and media people who are already interested in sponsors, but there are no contracts yet.
  3. Fans want to be closer to their favorite celebrities, players and sports teams. We will help fans to communicate with them in real time, vote for new candidates and participate in events involving idols.
  4. Advertisers. Brands are looking for relevant advertising formats and interested audience. TokenStars provides brands with access to the target audience of fans and improves the effectiveness of advertising campaigns due to the use of smart contracts.


TokenStars analyzed various solutions and approaches to the implementation of private blockers. In our opinion, Hyperledger Fabric technology best suits our tasks. This is one of the open source projects of the Hyperledger family, developed under the auspices of The Linux Foundation. Initially, Hyperledger Fabric was developed by Digital Asset and IBM.
The TokenStars network, based on Hyperledger Fabric, will interact with the Etherium network through a universal API, which we plan to develop.

Assumed technological stack:
▪ Amazon AWS Ubuntu virtual server for deploying block nodes (nodes).
▪ Third-party electronic commerce system (E-Commerce suite) with specialization in crypto currency and tokens. One of the candidates is Shopify.
▪ An advertising module built on a combination of solutions from Google, AppNexus, Amber Data and Iponweb.
▪ Solidity and Golang for the development of the blockbuster.
▪ ReactJS, Android Studio and XCode for the development of user interfaces (see examples of prototypes in the next section).
▪ Some of the functions will be transferred to reliable subcontractors with quality control on our side.

How does it work

Celebrities often appear in print ads or TV commercials. This advertising strategy has been used for a long time. Images of Britney Spears, Lionel Messi and many other stars on the goods make them a significant part of pop culture.

Why do stars need TokenStars?

Many real professionals are not sufficiently promoted by their agencies, so they
miss additional growth opportunities. TokenStars helps stars increase
audience and strengthen social status.

What can TokenStars give to celebrities?

  1. Bring new advertising contracts, that is, additional profits.
  2. Sign certain advertising agreements.
  3. Strengthen the connection with the fans online and in real life.
  4. Increase audience involvement.
  5. Strengthen the image and increase the cost of advertising contracts.


We issue TEAM tokens (compatible with the ERC-20 Etherium) to provide interoperability between participants on the platform. The TEAM tokens will serve as:

  1. Means of access to the TokenStars platform. This gives the tokenholders the right to participate in events held in the system.
  2. Internal currency. Tokens will become a form of settlements in transactions conducted within the framework of the platform. This will eliminate the problems associated with the use of the mint currency (fiat money): low transaction speed and restrictions on international money transfers.

There are 3 ways to purchase TEAM tokens:

  1. Participation in the Crowdsdale. The total offer will be limited by the number of tokens created on the crowdsdale.
  2. Purchase of tokens on crypto-exchange exchanges.
  3. Receiving tokens within the platform for various actions and tasks.

Details of ICO

Marker: TEAM
Price: 0.0001 BTС
Purchase: BTC, ETH
Platform: Etherarium
KYC: Yes
Can not join: US
ICO start: December 20, 2017
End of ICO: February 28, 2018

More information can be found here:

  1. WebSitе
  2. Whitepaper
  3. BitcoinTalk
  4. Telegram
  5. Twitter
  6. Технический документ



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