PornX, Easy Payment For Xrated Resources

PORNX Project combines the power of blockchain and smart contract to provide the paltforms and users of pornographic resources with an online payment tool for any paid services. With PornX, you can make payment securely and anonymously. The currency will be called PORNX and the rights belong to the company X-Wall LTD. With PornX mobile app you can make purchases via QR code, the mobile application will be compatible with Google Market and the Apple Store. The application is designed with the ability to store 15 popular currencies, later this figure will be more than 100 currencies. Also, the payment system will automatically be implemented on the site as a plug-in. The plugin will have a QR code for payment using cryptocurrency. The QR code will have the compatibility of all popular wallets, including our own X-Wall Wallet application.

Before i go deep down into PornX and how it works, i will quickly give an explanation of Cryptocurrency and Token for those that do not understand the what and hows of these terms. You can skip this part if you already do.


A token is a representation of value, a sort of digital asset (dasset). The Ethereum developers decided to standardize this process, and so the ERC20 ‘Token Standard’ was created. This templated-contract standardization contains a series of functions that enables the issuance, distribution and control of the assets in a formalized, standardized manner.

A token standard allows for the ease of interoperability between DApps (decentralized applications built on the Ethereum public chain) and the tokens built by the programmers.


Pornx combines the power of blockchain and smartcontract to provide an ecosystem where payment for Pornographic content is made easy and anonymous. At the corePornX ecosystem is the creation of a browser plug-in and mobile app that uses QR code connected to your wallet to make payment. Utilizing blockchain technology, users are also ensured complete financial anonymity .

Transaction speed is very fast because of the use of the “Algorithm Name”, it will allow users to make transaction speed and bandwidth comparable to VISA. The mobile application X-Wall will instantly allow you buy and sell PORNX with 12 fiat exchange currencies


The PornX ecosystem comprise of the 3 elements.

  1. Digital currency: The token is called PORNX with 340 000 000 total number of tokens:

2. Mobile application X-Wall Wallet: The mobile application X-Wall Wallet will have several important functions such as storing and using PORNX as a currency for paying for various porn content. The wallet can store popular currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, NEM, NEO, ETC, ZEC.

3. X-Q Pay payment system: The X-Q Pay payment system will be designed for the Lightning Network. Lightning Network consist of two-way payment channels network that allows you to make many transactions without writing each of them to the blockchain. The network is distributed and decentralized. It built on the mesh-network principle. This eliminates the problem of censoring transactions and violating the privacy of users and also helps to avoid the existence of a single point of failure. One of the defining features of the Lightning Network is the ability to send currency to any member of the network through a chain of payment channels open between users by building a route from the receiver to the sender. censoring transactions and violating the privacy of users, and also avoiding the existence of a single point of failure.


PORNX token (PORNX) will be released during the contribution period. PORNX will sells ERC-20 compatible Ethereum-based PORNX token. The aim of the token sale is to provide a discounted participation for the early adopters of the decentralized platform. By purchasing PORNX tokens, the early adopters receives a discounted price for using the decentralized lending platform. The ICO has been structured to give the best opportunities to anyone who would like to participate from the very beginning, providing maximum flexibility and control for the participants.

PORNX token (PORNX) will be used for secured and anonymous payment for xrated contents and items across many merchants. It will also be used to provide incentive for early adopters.

Accepted Currencies: ETH

Pre-Ico: 1 ETH — 3,000 PORNX

Soft cap: 1,500 ETH

Hard cap: 5,000 ETH

Restricted areas: USA, Cayman Islands


5% for Pre-Sale

70% for Token-Sale

2% for Bounty

3% for Investors

2% for Advisors

10% for Founders

3% for Partners

5% for Technical Core Team

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