HOME LOANS — Blockchain Backed Up By Real State Platform

HOME LOANS is a platform for investment in loans secured by real estate around the world, built on the basis of the Ethereum platform. Token HlCoin platforms will be provided with the real estate objects and will be traded at crypto exchanges.

HOME LOANS platform uses complex algorithms to predict creditworthiness of all customers and in just 20 minutes a borrower can get their very first the first loan to purchase real estate in his her life just from their smartphone. All customers have an ability to pay less interest and have a higher credit rating, if they use our platform more often.
In its development throughout the United States or even in the world calculated in large numbers, many markets are declining because they have no different ideas and creativity. But HOME LOANSonce again coming up with unique ideas and creativity as a fundraiser for the blockchain platform with real estate trading themes. The problems in the real estate industry globally include:

  1. Access to decent housing is the universal right of everyone. Meanwhile, seize 1.6 billion people in the world.
     Failed to meet minimum requirements.
     A negative credit history or no credit history.
     High credit load.
     Low income level. Fraud.
     Debts for administrative or criminal liability.
  2. Banks are reluctant to communicate with foreign customers, citing the high level of risk. One of the main reasons for giving you a mortgage, is a secret letter from the largest Bank in the world, which you must position as a paying customer.

The solution provided by the HOME LOANS platform :
as a platform for investment in real estate secured loans worldwide, is built on the basis of the Ethereal platform. The HLCoin Token platform will be equipped with real estate objects and will be traded on crypto exchanges. HOME LOANS platforms use complex algorithms to predict the credit worthiness of all customers and within just 20 minutes borrowers can get their first loan to buy real estate in their life only from their smartphone.

All customers have the ability to pay less interest and have a higher credit rating, if they use our platform more often. All Large Data and Aggregate Credits are stored in Blockchain. Thousands of investors have access to the millions of new customers we bring into the world economy and millions of people will have the opportunity to purchase property anywhere in the world.
HOME LOANS for the crypto community:

>> Creation of a crypto-ecosystem.

Our goal is to help private investors and business working on the basis of blockchain technology to significantly expand its client base by accessing our real estate lending platform and mobile marketing for business. According to our long-term strategyHOME LOANS should become part of the cryptosystem.

. In the future, we are considering integration with the following hightech products:

  • Everex

Cross-border payment system. Supply of crypto funds for borrowers.

  • Civic

Improvement of the procedure for identification and verification of borrowers.


The network and infrastructure for interaction between the blockers.

HOME LOANS for business:

attracting new and returning old customers.

The business model is extremely simple. Service (mobile application HOME LOANSleads the client to the partner (counterparty).

If the client makes a purchase or uses the service then the seller returns a part of the amount in HLCoin (provided free of charge to the platform) to the customer (borrower) as Cashback, and in traditional money to the account of HOME LOANS.

This motivates borrowers to come to our partners and make purchases — mobile lid generator. Now business does not need to spend huge money on advertising to attract customers — they will come themselves.

*HOME LOANS for people*

It gives people the opportunity to buy property without resorting to traditional methods like banks. The platform has its own scoring system which analyzes borrower’s credit history and analyzes HLCoin production in the mobile application HOME LOANSIt gives better chances for the borrower whose credit history was damaged due to circumstances beyond his control.

HOME LOANS for local partners:

global business scaling.

We developed business development algorithms in new countries which are based on our work experience and extensive studies of markets and legal segments. We are going to launch an international franchise after launching the platform. We will share with our franchisees all necessary market research, knowledge of risk management, know-how in the field of loan assessment.

Website: http://home-loans.io/

Whitepaper: http://home-loans.io/White_Paper_ENG.pdf
My profile Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1790451


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