We live in an era that is increasingly influenced by technological advances. Their role and importance in our daily lives becomes increasingly meaningful and in many cases inseparable. Similarly, the influence of these companies that controls the largest market share. This influence has limited the overall community participation in the development of technological solutions, shifting it to a mere customer role, while profit and wealth are shared among firms alone.

The ultimate goal of Kepler’s management, in addition to the production of valuable Robotics and AI solutions, is the creation of a decentralized wealth distribution system through technological breakthroughs that will shape the future of humans, robotics. Imagine if the creator of the internet has decided to share the mechanism of wealth creation with the world instead of leaving it in the hands of a corporate organization that is concentrated solely on the accumulation of personal wealth. Imagine if the internet is like blockchain, decentralized and distributed, users will benefit from their own data.

Foreseeing such a possibility based on current trends, the management team behind Kepler created a fair market economy that would evenly distribute the benefits to users. Kepler is based on the highest level of transparency, accountability, and corporate responsibility. The management team will regularly provide (at least) a detailed bi-annual report on the status and project of the company. Kepler solved one of the major challenges of crippling humanity – the technological revolution. Supported by a technical voice team consisting of leading scientific thinking, Kepler will produce ultra-modern technology, facilitate easy access to them, and create a platform for the development of scientific and technical breakthroughs for the future.

We understand that it is one thing to generate revolutionary ideas and other ideas to apply them. This is why we have involved the skills of leading managers, information technology, robotics figures, accounting mavericks, legal authorities and blockchain specialists.


1. Blockchain TechnologyBlockchain is a decentralized book system that is distributed over a network of hundreds of thousands of computers that allows users to record information that can not be changed or deleted. Information about blockchain is safe cryptographically and protected against third-party interference. Blockchain technology is a tamper proof because the data is distributed through a decentralized computer network that reaches the whole world. With service disintermediation, blockchain has revolutionized all known financial conventions and pioneered new ways to raise funds through the tokenisasi of goods, products, and services.

2. TokenOne of the most promising uses of Blockchain technology is the creation of digital assets that represent value. These assets are known as tokens and their value may be a monetary identity, identity, or representation of real-world assets such as company stock, raw materials, real estate, and so on. The etereum platform allows users to securely create and use tokens backed by smart contracts. A smart contract is a computer program that carries out legally binding contracts based on specified requirements. This contract also acts as an escrow system for the safe storage and disposal of funds or any other digital value without the need for a third party. The Smart Contract Proof guarantees against fraud and fraud due to the fact that the contract will only apply when the specified requirements have been met.

3. Decentralization CrowdfundingInitial Coin O Campaign? Ering (ICO) takes over the traditional crowdfunding industry because of its limitlessness and decentralization that allows anyone from anywhere in the world to invest in a novice company. Supported by blockchain tamper-proof technology, Kepler will start a public crowdsale event to raise the necessary funds, while opening robotics development to the global community. Unlike other companies, Kepler will allow token holders to own the company’s electronics stock and is entitled to a dividend, the first of its kind in the robotics industry. 80% of the company’s shares will be made available for public distribution during token sales. This makes Project K the most decentralized, most equal and truly ours – the people’s project.


-Getting 550,000 square meters of land to build the Kepler Complex from
Government for 1 $ (2018 Q1);– Design approval and construction of Mega laboratories and factories relevant
authority (2018 Q1);– Kepler Platform launch in Alpha stage (2018 Q3);– Full and comprehensive market research to determine what kind of robotics
and AI solutions to be produced in the early stages; (the first phase of the
Research has been done and we have a whole list of Robots / Drones ready to be produced) (2018 Q3);– Prepare technology design; including selection and preparation
machine;– Mega-Factory Development (2018 Q3);– Kepler Platform Launch (2018 Q4);– Launches a fully equipped Lab (2019 Q1);– Opening Mega-Factory and launching full production cycle (2019 Q3);
– The first opening of Kepler Complex (2020 Q1)


Investors are spoiled for choice when it comes to ICOs. However, more than 85% of ICO o current? Erings is nothing more than a fancy website and whitepaper. Not so with Kepler Technologies.Kepler is more than just a fancy site and whitepaper. The company’s first product Joint, MIA (Latin for “Mine”), the human-type robot is currently in the pre-alpha stage. MIA is designed to be autonomous autonomous robot with human ability with the aim of making life easier and more enjoyable. MIA-based blockchain assistant, who will continue to leverage our decentralized network. MIA has been designed and developed to assist users in everyday activities, including shopping through an integrated wallet system that allows it to conduct transactions based on spoken orders.

Kepler also developed intelligent vacuum cleaners, shopping carts, security drones,and other smart devices that do not require user supervision.Kepler ICO is the sale of real asset tokens in the real world. These assets include fixed andimmovable property equipped with state-of-the-art technologyinfrastructure. The economic value of this asset will also be a guarantee for allstakeholders in the company.

Another major advantage of the Project is support and sponsorship, but has accumulatedboth from the public and private sectors. Chief among these, is the full support ofThe Government and the Georgia Cabinet for new beginners and investments in Georgia. Under the new policy of the Government of Georgia, Kepler Technologies will do so to acquire the immovable property needed to build the Mega Plant for free of charge. Kepler Technologies will be exempt from corporate income tax for 5-10 years, through a new amendment in Georgia’s tax code Chapter XIII. This will allow us to reinvest all revenue generated into project development and distribution dividends.

Kepler is firmly committed to ensuring all funds realized through ICO are channeled into project implementation that will enhance its value and visibility.This project has been adapted to ensure the growth of a solid Kepler Tokeninvestors.


Kepler Technology is dedicated to the development of a fair, simple, and reliable social network that will help turn innovative ideas into reality by bringing people around the world to work together.


Our mission is to develop a social networking platform that will help every individual with smart, innovative and creative technology ideas to find the right workforce and build a strong team. The platform will also support beginners and inventors, helping them turn ideas into credible business plans and present these plans to potential investors.


Heritage2016 October – Gathering Leading Team of Kepler Technologies2017 January – Begin Preparing for Kepler Laboratory2017 March – Started R & D, worked on Kepler and Kepler Universe Robotics Platforms2017 October – Preparing for ICO launch

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