As we know the Taklimakan platform is an investment and an educational business network that provides an option for the users to boost their level of literacy in the virtual field and to learn practical trading experiences.

Every user will be capable to pick a digital money investment mentor, take a course of lectures and webinars. A full entrance to the block chain tech library, descriptions of many capital investment tricks and trading tools in the crypto industry will be offered as-well. The contents of the education center will be organized and distributed according to the skill level of the user and the aims of the educational procedure.

Experienced and qualified users will be capable to offer author’s content, articles, training materials, master classes and webinars for consumers from diff nations getting a reward in tokens. Thus we make an exclusive educational that’ll advantage both experienced traders and startups.

Main features of the Network:

• Aggregation of general info and news on digital currencies
• Education center
• unique tools and experts
• funds management materials developed by specialists
• Trading tools for digital currency analysis
• subscription reviews and Market signals
• making a personal portfolio, monitoring diff crypto money trends, digital asset analysis & comparison

About the platform

Modern investment and educational decentralized business platform that provides mutually beneficial interaction to novices of the cryptographer, experts, investors, traders and analysts. The platform includes analytical, trading instruments and an investment pool. An important component is a large base of quality, conveniently organized, but based on the principles of decentralization of educational information. All this allows to create conditions for collective forecasting, a unique opportunity to make competent analytical conclusions on the basis of collective forecasts of platform participants.


An excellent website design, automatically translated into the national language of the region in which the user is located. In the basement of the site there is a form for the mailing list, but it is hardly useful – on the page there are many links to profiles in the social networks of the project, channels in Telegram. The project clearly pays much attention to them.


In Russian it occupies 29 pages. Most of the document is devoted to the product, but a lot of attention was paid to the team and the advisors of the project – 5 pages. On page 26 you can find a very detailed roadmap. At the very end of the document there is a chapter on the limitation of liability, where the legal limitations of the project are spelled out in a simple and understandable language.


The site has 9 advisers and 17 team members. Almost all have links to profiles in social networks and each of the guidance on the photo has a thorough description of the achievements.


The total number of system tokens is TKLN -1 billion. The coins of the system can be bought not only for ETH, but also for BTC, LTC and an impressive list of lesser known, but serious crypto-currencies – XRP, BCH, NEO, XMR, DASH, XEM and ZEC. The minimum investment amount is the equivalent to $ 10. The maximum amount is unknown. Soft-cap of the project – $ 5 million USD, hard cap – $ 27.5 million. The project is registered in Singapore.
Pre-sale. During preliminary sales, the token cost $ 0.025.
ICO. During the main sales, the price of 1 TKLN token is the equivalent of 5 US cents. Dates of event: 6 Apr – 6 Jun.

Bonus program

Crowdsale is held for 8 weeks. The most generous bonus was valid in the first week of sales – 30%, provided by the second bonus – 25%, 3 – 20%, 4 – 15%, 5 – 10% and 6-5%. In the last 2 weeks tokens will be sold without bonuses.

How will all the tokens be distributed?

– 2.5% (25 million tokens TKLN) on the Bounty program and Promo;
– 5% (50 million TKLN) – the share of strategic partners;
– 10% (100 million TKLN) will be sold on Pre-sale;
– 10% (100 million tokens) – reserve;
– 17.5% (175 million TKLN) – the share of the team, advisors and early investors;
– 55% (550 million tokens) – will be sold during the ICO.

How will the collected funds be distributed?

– 40% will go for development;
– 30% – the share of marketing;
– 20% – administrative expenses;
– 10% – legal expenses.


In general, the team allocated only 0.5% of the total number of tokens for social networks, messengers and the blogosphere.

Distribution of tokens allocated to the bounty:

– 25% were allocated for subscription campaigns and the blogosphere;
– 10% distributed to support the project in Facebook and Twitter;
– Translation campaigns will receive 15% of the program’s tokens;
– 10% allocated to Telegram;
– The remaining 5% is a reserve bonus fund.

Problems and solutions

We have already said above that now there are many materials whose reliability remains in doubt. Taklimakan proposes to solve this problem with its own news aggregator. Thanks to this, users will always be able to learn the most relevant, high-quality information about the market, analytical and trading tools and many other useful features. This will solve the problems of low level of user competence.

Existing platforms often have a complex interface and a rather large price for their use. The security of such platforms is also not ideal, there is almost always a risk that your data and funds will be stolen. Taklimakan offers an intuitive interface and advanced security technologies that guarantee maximum protection.



The platform becomes a real tutor for a novice user. He receives high-quality analytical material, recommendations and expert advice. Also they can constantly communicate in their own social network platform. It is more than just a source of information. In the educational center, you can learn how to use effective and modern tools that will help you carry out investment operations with maximum benefit.

Taklimakan uses the StakeWeighted Voting decentralized voting system, which allows each platform user to suggest changes to improve it, or, for example, the tools that need to be supplemented. Those. the users themselves can offer what the platform will look like.


ICO Details

Ticket token: TKLN
Platform: Ethereum
Start date of the ICO: 09.04. – 06/09/2018
Cost of the token: 1 TKLN = 0.05 USD
Soft cap: 5 000 000 USD
Hard cap: 27,500,000 USD

TKLN is an internal token of the Taklimakan platform. By using the token, its owner will be able to pay subscriptions, use tools, vote within the platform or simply interact with other members (receive, send). During the ICO, the bonus system operates: the closer to the end, the smaller the discount. You can buy tokens on the platform’s website: taklimakan.io.



Taklimakan gives an opportunity not only to find reliable investors and invest, but also to do this as profitable and rationally as possible, really to understand the nuances of the market for crypto currency. On the site you can get answers to all the questions that arise, join the platform and watch its demo.


Taklimakan Network homepage https://www.taklimakan.io

Whitepaper http://taklimakan.io/taklimakan-whitepaper-eng.pdf

Bitcointalk https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2426759.0

Telegram https://t.me/taklimakan_news

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/taklimakannetwork/

Medium https://medium.com/@taklimakan


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