WHAT IS DataBlockChain.io???

DataBlockChain.io is a revolutionary data platform that stands to disrupt the way that companies and individuals gather premium data. Our product will democratize data, making it more readily available and less expensive than the current methods of data gathering and vetting. The result is that clients can access specific data sets in a cost-effective and transparent way, collecting exactly what they need without paying for extraneous data. We will merge our own proprietary data with many of the world’s largest databases ranging from government data, industry specific data, voting records, business to business data, property data, credit bureau data, etc. to create a comprehensive variety of data sets valuable to individuals and businesses looking to both attract and retain clients. As a result of our platform, all participants will be able to obtain the exact, nuanced data they are seeking. Because DataBlockChain.io removes the middlemen in the data industry that tend to drive prices up and cause inefficiencies, no order size will be too small to fulfill. This opens up an untapped market of potential clients on a global stage.

While BigData has traditionally been accessible just to huge organizations, DataBlockChain.io brings down the boundary for section and extends our potential customer base to incorporate little, medium and vast organizations around the world and ICOs looking for information for their new pursuits.

DataBlockChain.io will work together with a system of different information accomplices contributing billions of information focuses from a great many sources.DataBlockChain.io will oversee and help adapt their information helping those information accomplices contact a more extensive worldwide crowd of potential clients.

At the point when a client puts in a request on DataBlockChain.io that uses the information accomplices information both DataBlockChain.io and the information accomplice will get a level of the information that was acquired. The DataBlockChain.io approach will streamline and expand benefits for all gatherings included.

Our primary destinations are:

To engage Data Source Providers to give access to their information and adapt it

To give full straightforwardness, traceability, and auditability to the information suppliers

To fabricate certainty between the end client and information sources

To give Businesses and Consumers quality checked information

To give End Users a streamlined simple to-utilize interface with a speedy installment framework

Solution advertised

DATABLOCKCHAIN.IO makes a solution for the business by giving showcasing information solution. Finding the correct sort of information, which is geologically, psychographically exact with the Smart Indexing Engine, makes precise and auspicious information. The Smart Indexing Engine (SIE) is the wellspring of precise and cutting-edge information on the stage. It chips away at the Predictive Analytics, which is a piece of AI and Machine Learning. Information sources are recognized and approved before the information can be put away in a safe location.

Working with vast information sources relies upon the age and the idea of the information. You have an association with the media gathering, which has a lot of records with an expansive number of properties. They have given the rundown of various sorts of information accessible on their stage from another industry, for example, the car business, online networking, protection and keeping money.

The rundown of traits incorporates family history, work environment information, territory of ​​interest and numerous different things. The information focuses gave by the information sources are utilized and sold. The installment is constantly prompt and straightforward. Blockchain empowers transactions on the stage. It is a safe and straightforward stage that institutionalizes information trade in the undertaking.
DataBlockChain.io will work together with a system of assorted data accomplices contributing billions of data focuses from a huge number of sources.DataBlockChain.io will oversee and help adapt their data helping those data accomplices contact a more extensive worldwide gathering of people of potential clients.

At the point when a client puts in a request on DataBlockChain.io that uses the data accomplices data both DataBlockChain.io and the data accomplice will get a level of the data that was bought. The DataBlockChain.io approach will streamline and augment benefits for all gatherings included.

Essential Revenue Model

Enormous Data Partners get to by means of API

Auxiliary Revenue Model

DataBockChain.io’s Data

Tertiary Revenue Model

Data Partners Onboard Data


Token DBCCoin
PreICO Price 1 DBCCoin = 0.08 USD
Price 1 DBCCoin = 0.12 USD
Platform Ethereum
Accepting ETH
Minimum investment 1 ETH pre-ICO, 0.1 ETH ICO
Soft cap 10,000,000 USD
Hard cap 50,000,000 USD
Country Cayman Islands
Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas USA, China
The project will create 870 million DBCC tokens, selling 60% of the tokens to the public. 26% of the funds will be used for data collection, while 20% will be used to market the platform. The team has experience in business management and technology development.

Our group is included choice data industry officials, prepared pioneers and designers with many years of experience working in the data and technology ventures. We are particularly situated to benefit from the cross segment of enormous data, counterfeit consciousness and blockchain technology to provide clients all inclusive with the basic data they require.

Visit the links below for more information:

Website https://www.dbc.io

Whitepaper https://www.dbc.io/pdf/whitepaper.pdf

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