HOME LOANS — Blockchain Backed Up By Real State Platform

Decentralized platforms and crypto trading companies are growing rapidly in days, as evidenced by the rise of companies in the crypto investment industry. Home Loans is here to become one of the competent participants of this industry, in the theme of a trusted real estate platform on a large scale has its own appeal to potential investors or prospective users who have not registered in it.

There is no doubt that some crypto companies are failing in the competitive world of investment because there is no ability to manage performance and lack of experience in the field that makes them fall and go bankrupt, but again this is a natural process felt by investors or networks that provide trade crypto.

The advantages of a perfect ecosystem for crypto companies are a challenge that companies struggling to solve in the Cryptocurrency industry strive to outperform their competitors. In the near future and according to a global body of research statistics in the next few years, the industry in crypto field is experiencing rapid growth, which can be felt by some good crypto searchers for free or by investing in a blockchain based platform project.

Safe collection, storage and distribution of funds and avoid unexpected losses. The platform divides project financing to phases with the temporary blocking of funds intended for the next phase. Voting as a way of evaluating project feasibility at every stage. Investors are allowed to finance the project at all times in full while the number of tokens that he chooses will be transferred to him.
International loan platform for real estate HOME LOANS provides loan types such as: 
1. Loans for housing under construction.
2. Loans for secondary housing.
3. Loans for commercial real estate.
4. Loan for land purchase.
5. Loans for own property.

* HOUSE CREDIT for the crypto community: Creation of crypto ecosystems
* HOME PAGE for business: attracts old and new customers who return
* HOME PAGE for people: opportunity to buy property without using traditional methods like bank
* HOUSE CREDIT for local partner: global business scale

To create a HOME LOANS platform and grow business on a global level, our team took the decision to hold ICO. Successful ICO will enable us to quickly create products and services, and will also enable development in international markets.


The first phase of the project is the Pre-ICO HLCoin Token which will start on 29 November and end on 29 December (1 bonus HLCoin = 0,5 $ + 50%)
* The second stage of the crowdsale project (1 HLCoin = 1 $ + bonus 3)
* During the HLCoin crowdlesale will collect 150,000,000 tokens and be sold at a fixed price. Original price: token price set at 1 US dollar level — 1 HLC token.

Founder — 8%
Advisor — 4% Reward

Investor 3% — 85%
Bonus for first investor during initial token offer (additional token added to purchase):
Bonus PRE-ICO + 50% 1- 3 days — bonus + 25 % 3–9 days — + 20% bonus 9–18 days — bonus + 10% 18–31 days — bonus + 5%
The solution provided by the HOME LOANS platform :
as a platform for investment in real estate secured loans worldwide, is built on the basis of the Ethereal platform. The HLCoin Token platform will be equipped with real estate objects and will be traded on crypto exchanges. HOME LOANS platforms use complex algorithms to predict the credit worthiness of all customers and within just 20 minutes borrowers can get their first loan to buy real estate in their life only from their smartphone.

All customers have the ability to pay less interest and have a higher credit rating, if they use our platform more often. All Large Data and Aggregate Credits are stored in Blockchain. Thousands of investors have access to the millions of new customers we bring into the world economy and millions of people will have the opportunity to purchase property anywhere in the world.

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Website: http://home-loans.io/

Whitepaper: http://home-loans.io/White_Paper_ENG.pdf

Ann Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2479111.0

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HomeLoans-1718926604819378/

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