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Block chain technology has made so many changes into our lives. New projects are coming every day. Crypto currencies have exploded in 2017. People want to be part of this revolutionary technology, they want to invest, they want to find more about these new projects who are launching every day.We will be talking about new project called Bloomzed. They are using smart contracts on Ethereum network with ERC compatible tokens. Tokens which are made for purpose of these project. This is a project powered by block chain technology. Founders of project Bloomzed thought of everything when they built mobile payment solution that is totally complete with integration to any of the existing systems, that they is already available. With their latest security protocols for payments and transfers, you will be completely secure. All the information will be safely crafted in the cloud and because Bloomzed supports NFC transactions you will be able to have contact payment transactions. It is the best solution and you can personalize it just the way you want. The project is focused on providing people better usage of crypto currencies. That all is possible with a block chain technology. They will provide crypto card as well which is universal. They will offer users ability to pay wherever they are. Through their platform you could on mobile aplication have payments in a second, you will be able to send gifts, buy tickets, a join loyalty program, use loans, credits, money transfers, WEB- passport, insurance and many more….The platform is easy to use, even for those inexperienced and beginners. We now can provide block chain technology brought revolutionary ideas and great projects. It is remarkable and very nice to see projects like this. Their advanced online platform goes above and beyond the limitations of the existing technology and gives it a comprehensive boost.

Bloomzed is a project made by people who are highly competent. People who have with their knowledge and with a help of their people in team succeeded to make it happen. The team leader is Elchin Suleimanov. In the team with great blockchain developers, marketing agents, SEM experts, and more others.

You can also follow the progress of the project Bloomzed on social networks such as:

and telegram :

Crowd saleTokens are called BZT tokens, and they are made especially for the use of this project. ETH is a currency which is accepted in this project. You can join here:

Speaking of token sale, you can participate until 17.02.2018.

Speaking of price, for 1 ETH you will get 500 BZT tokens . Look at the picture below to see how tokens are distributed:

Crowd sale is one way to earn tokens, but there are so many more. You can earn yourself tokens by working on the marketing campaigns such as social media campaigns, various translations, and signature campaigns.

To find out more details about this project, read the whitepaper which contains all information about the project. You can find it here:

If you are anxious to find more about the project and find out what is it about, for more details take a look at:

On bitcointalk

and official ANN Thread

you can find out more information about the project, and also you can write a post on it and ask a question if you want to find something more or if you just don’t understand something post the question and people who are working on it will give you answer in a short time notice. Take a look at these links and find an answer you were looking for.

Look at their road trip and what they have been planning for future:
Don’t forget to take a peek at the main web page and find out all about it on:;u=997494


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