Good day! This article is a challenge, to acquaint you, readers and potential investors with ICO KORONA ? And the ecosystem of Korona Coin .

I would like to start briefly with the history of the idea of Korona Coin :
With the advent of the Internet, banks and other financial institutions are trying to catch up with the progress by introducing into their services such functions as Internet banking, mobile payments, etc., but the rapidly growing wave of decentralization, not only money, but also any media content, covers the banking system with a head.
One example is accounting accounting fin. institutions. Central registers store all registers and records of all transactions. The method is not bad, but very weak before hackers, the results of hacking which we observe from time to time.
In a decentralized system, an act of hacking is impossible, because there are no intermediaries in the distributed accounting system, but there is one distributed register that is updated throughout the system as transactions are completed. Blocking is the technology of the future, which distributes certified and auditable access to data, and is not available to banks, because they are like huge elephants, they do not keep up with progress.

The banking sector is losing its reputation every year. Banks take clients’ money at almost zero percent, with all the transactions and customer transfers they charge the commission. Studies Cambridge Business School confirmed that the customers of banks increasingly began to move to new forms of payments, for reasons of their cheapness, and on the fact that financial profitability. Increasingly, people began using Bitcoin as a means for cross-border money transfers. However, bitcoin has a number of problems, including: transaction time, scalability, and the flexibility to create smart contracts.

All this shows all the existing potential for a rapid economic boom, in the sphere of the crypto economy. However, there are also problems, among them there was a sharp ignorance of all people about the existence of technologies for transferring money in a more economical way, rather than through banks. Just as acute is the problem of the unresolved normative bases written specifically for the crypto market, and if somewhere the preparation of a package of such standards has been started, then it is at an embryonic level. Because most owners of crypto purses remain incognito.
Mosaics of the crypto economy already exist in a disjointed form, but they still have to be linked into one ecosystem. At the moment, the market situation is characterized by the project as CRYPTO ECONOMY 1.0.

The ecosystem of KORONA assumes the responsibility to take a step into the economy 2.0.
The ecosystem of the project specifies the provision of services that are easy to use, and respond to complex customer requests, whether it’s managing wallet, payment method, or simply exchanging media files. Ecosystem users also receive a number of services that are necessary for free existence in the cryptomir, namely: information support for taxation, customer protection, commercial guarantees and marketing. The platform will provide goods and services for purchases either online or in real stores every day. Also, the platform will provide valuable financial benefits in the form of lower commissions, prices and in the form of rewards after either spending or accepting tokens. These functions should make the Korona tokens widely recognized and valuable, and therefore profitable for investing their own funds at an early stage of the platform development.

The project was evaluated and recognized on the following media platformmedia platforms:

Based on a sophisticated service system that meets the Swiss and European rules and regulations, Korona markers will be widely available in Europe for the purchase of goods and services. From the very beginning, the holders of the tokens will be able to purchase goods and services online in at least three European states. Originally listed providers of services are listed on the site www.koronacoin.com. Naturally, the list will be expanded later exponentially on the basis of Korona’s continuous activity.

In more detail, all comers can appreciate the project after reading their White Sheet, which
details in more detail all that they want to implement the developers. My job is to briefly introduce you to the project. All interested persons can take part in the ICO project, which is being held right now and buy tokens with a worthy bonus. All details and details can be found on their official website.

https://koronacoin.io/ – the official website of the project
https://t.me/koronacoinio – the telegrams of the project
https://twitter.com/KoronaCoin – the project’s twitter
https://www.facebook.com/koronacoin / – the facebook of the project





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