Sleekplay – A new generation of content monetization!

Now there is a tremendous amount of content, and many developers are trying to monetize their videos, music and much more. In recent years, monetization of material has started to fall dramatically, and we need an entirely new method for monetizing our content. With the advent of Blockchain technology, many things become possible and almost all areas of activity improve.

Today there are several models of content monetization, these are:

– Advertisement
Users are given free access to content in exchange for viewing ads. If a person needs to perform a specific task in a particular application (game, money transfer, work), then the appearance of advertising can merely drive him out of himself. Because of this, content providers are reducing the number of subscribers, which leads them into a deadlock.);

– Subscription
Subscription fee (subscription) is charged for a month or per year of use. But now many people want everything to be free, so the subscription model is not so effective. Each year, the number of paid subscribers is significantly reduced.

Sleekplay introduces Blockchain’s technology to monetize content.

Sleekplay is an entirely new level for monetizing content based on blocking technology, which allows you to earn both users and application developers.

The Sleekplay project offers a new competitive model of content monetization, the value of which should be fully appreciated by application developers and service providers. The block-based platform allows you to make payments and facilitate business decisions quickly. Thus, we are talking about a model of monetization based on goals.

It also provides application developers with a new way to monetize content and offers to increase the activity of users who will have premium access, quality UX and unlimited content for free. The developers themselves, in turn, will receive income from investments.

Sleekplay promises users a reward for providing computing power to the device, and developers – a new revenue channel.

What does Sleekplay provide to its users and how will it work?

Sleekplay calculates the amount of time that a typical user spends on applications, the computing power of his device and the power of the block computing computation. After that, a profitable monetization model is created for users and service providers.

Thus, Sleekplay gives developers or service providers the ability to generate revenue without compromising the provision of quality UX. The platform uses the latest technologies that make revenue for developers. Also, the content monetization model is targeted only at users who are considered to be an integral part of the ecosystem of online content so that they will receive a reward for participation.

The new monetization model is very flexible and can be combined with traditional models. Developers do not have to change the existing infrastructure significantly. Thus, new users of the platform Sleekplay can efficiently use it, evaluate and compare with other models.

SKP token ecosystem and application

The system will have SKP coin tokens. Users will be able to receive tokens for using their favorite applications and for their computing power, and developers for providing content.

Users will be able to exchange SKP tokens for digital goods. A good example is virtual game goods.

The whole system of goals is the basis of the Sleekplay model, which became possible thanks to the crypto-currency mining. Here is an example of how mining has a positive effect on the overall value of coins.

All devices are connected to central mining pools to generate SKP in the network. SKP tokens directly enter the pool and then distributed between developers and users based on the generated hashes.

Tokens are distributed in the system in the form of 70/25/5% between developers, users, and the Sleekplay project, respectively. More mining is higher and the cost of tokens.

Technical part of ICO

Pre-sale start: May 14
Main sale start: June
Hardcap: 2000ETH
At registration in the system, the user receives a free bonus in the form of +500 SKP.
Minimum payment: 0.1 ETH.

The ICO will allow the project to raise the necessary funds for global distribution. In addition, trade SKP will be carried out on exchanges with high liquidity, which is the economic strategy of the company. To achieve this goal, SKP is designed to meet all the security and functionality requirements of popular exchanges. In addition, now the project is developing a reliable crypto-purse, which will be ready by the end of ICO and will help to integrate SKP with stock exchanges easier.


Before us is a project with a reliable and experienced team, as well as a worthwhile product that will have a reasonably large audience. What I liked most of all is that the SKP tokens are developed listing to the rules of favorite exchanges, which will facilitate the listing of tokens on large exchanges. For us and you, this is the most critical aspect, since we are here then to get the maximum profit. If you are interested in the project, check out the whitepaper and connect to ICO Sleekplay

More information about the project you can find on these links:
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