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We live in time that is progressively being impacted by mechanical headways. Their parts and significance in our every day lives have turned out to be progressively more important and much of the time, indivisible. Thus has the expanded impacts of those companies controlling the biggest piece of the overall industry. This impacts has restricted the general group interest in the advancement of innovative arrangement, consigning them to the part of simple client, while the benefit and the riches is separated among the organizations as it were.

The primary objective of Kepler’s administration, other than the generation of significant Robotics and AI arrangements, is the making of a decentralized riches appropriation framework through the mechanical leap forward that will shape the eventual fate of mankind, apply autonomy. Envision if the makers of the web had chosen to share its riches creation instrument with the world as opposed to abandoning it in the hands of corporate associations who are just focused on collecting individual riches. Envision if the web had been similar to the blockchain, decentralized and dispersed, clients would have been profiting from their own particular information.

Anticipating such a projection in view of current patterns, the administration group behind Kepler is making an equitable economy that will disperse benefit equally to clients. Kepler depends on the most elevated amount of straightforwardness, responsibility, and corporate obligation. Administration group will consistently give (in any event) nitty gritty half-yearly reports about the organization’s status and tasks.

Kepler tackles one of the primary difficulties of tormenting humankind – innovative insurgency. Sponsored by a specialized sound group containing driving logical personalities, Kepler will deliver ultramodern advances, encourage simple access to them, and make a stage for the improvement of logical and specialized leaps forward for what’s to come.
We comprehend that it is one thing to concoct a progressive thought and another to actualize it. This is the reason we have included the mastery of driving administrators, instructive technologists, mechanical technology illuminating presences, bookkeeping protesters, lawful experts and blockchain authorities.

What is Kepler ?

Kepler is a network of technologies supported by blockchain. The network aims to create a global market platform for robotic and high technology investment through a transparent and decentralized portal controlled and managed by investors. Kepler will use analysis, data science, and predictive algorithms to give investors unique investment opportunities through token assets.

What are the Advantages of Using Kepler Technologies?

  • MIA is a block-based assistant, who will continue to leverage our decentralized network. MIA has been designed and developed to help users in their everyday activities, including shopping through an integrated wallet system that allows it to conduct transactions based on verbal commands.
  • Kepler also developed intelligent vacuum cleaners, shopping carts, security drones, and other smart devices that do not require user control. Kepler ICO is the sale of real asset tokens in the real world. These assets include fixed and
  • Another major advantage of the Project is support and sponsorship, it has been collected both from the public and private sectors.

Value of the project

Kepler is supported by his native KEP token. We consider the most important feature that a token should have, a high liquidity. CEP will be strengthened by the value of the company’s assets, including manpower, expertise and experience, equipment and infrastructure. CEP tokens will be secured on a plot of more than 300,000 square meters with the network of buildings that will make up the Kepler headquarters. These include space architectures, management offices, a mega factory, a highly equipped laboratory, the Technological University and its campus. In addition to these real properties that add value to KEP tokens, there are also technical know-how, patents developed in our laboratories, and the value of our factory product
  • Growing demand for advanced technology and AI solutions
  • A first-class management team with credible qualifications in their areas.
  • Fair, easy and reliable platform with high transparency and security
  • immovable property transferred free of charge by the Government of Georgia;
  • 80% of the company’s revenues are used for reinvestment, a significant amount of which is used to obtain the tokens of

Repurchase token owners, which increases the token price

  • With KEP, token holders can buy any product developed by Kepler at the best possible price.
  • CEPs can be easily exchanged or liquidated on the platform;
  • KEP offers further usage based on different stages of project implementation.

Kepler (KEP) Token Detail

In total 201.500.000 KEP tokens were created by ecosystem developers. During the Pre-ICO, 5,000 CEPs will be sold with a 30% bonus, while in Phase 1 of ICO Level 11, 500,000 CEP will be granted a 15% bonus. 16, 500, 000 CEP will be available with a 10% bonus during the ICO 2 phase, while 21,000,000 CEP will be offered to the public with a 5% bonus during the ICO 3 stages. The final stages of the ICO will be 21,500,000 Have no bonus KEP. Token sales are made in two special currencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereal (ETH). The total token offer is 250,000,000 CEP + 7,000,000 bonus. The USD generates 1 KEP, which means that the investor receives $ 1 in return, 0.8 KEP. 1 token price = $ 1.25 The amount to be raised is $ 250,000,000.
Tokens are sold in two different currencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereal (ETH). The total token offer is 250,000, 000 CEP + 7,000,000 bonus. 1 USD produces 1 PEM, which means that the investor receives 1 $ 0.8 KEP.
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