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CICoin is an investment tool of the new generation. The slogan sounds like this: “Invest smartly – invest with ideas”. CICoin was created to provide an opportunity for our partners to receive stable revenue and benefit from all the advantages of blocking technology.

Invest smartly – invest profits.

Get guaranteed daily income and bonuses when signing a contract. With CICoin, you no longer need to freeze your investment. The Cryptoinvestment program works on the principle of allocating investment capital to the portfolio and trading strategies on the exchange to maximize profits with minimal risk.

Invest smartly – invest safely.

We take into account the trend of account and modern technology, we use our own experience and desire to create new directions. We managed to work on the stock market and integrate a decentralized automated trading platform. Over the past year, the yield is 10 806.6%, that is, we only increase investment portfolio almost 108 times. Our strategy allows us to receive stable positive financial results, despite high volatility in the crypto currency market.

Invest wisely – invest comfortably

12,000,000 tokens.Without emissions. We will issue 12,000,000 tokens. 10 000 000 of them will be distributed among our partners. CICoin is based on smart contracts using the ERC-20 protocol, which ensures emissions transparency.

Around the world without any restrictions.

Blocking technology lets you make payments around the world without time and volume restrictions. Transactions are independent of banks, intermediaries, or other financial institutions.

Feel yourself protected

Blockchain technology ensures the security and transparency of all transactions. Financial institutions can not manage payments: all transactions are self-contained and decentralized arrangements.

and completely anonymous

All CICoin transactions are completely anonymous around the world. Each user can track any transaction, but nobody sees who started it.

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The crypto investment program

The crypto investment program will be available in five different variants: 5, 15, 30, 75 and 120 days, respectively 10%, 38%, 81%, 225% and 420% of guaranteed revenue. The minimum daily income guaranteed is 0.3%. You can use CICoin to enter one of the contracts, receive a guaranteed daily income and bonuses you receive to complete your contract.

The Cryptoinvestment program works on the principle of allocating investment capital to the portfolio and trading strategies on the exchange to maximize profits with minimal risk. This tool is selected using an intelligent software package based on the algorithm to calculate the volume growth productivity using a specially developed model for selecting liquid pairs based on polynomial regression with dynamic sequence analysis.

An effective Stop Loss algorithm is also used to reduce potential losses in the market negative dynamics.

Pros and cons.

In the crypto industry everyone has long been accustomed to negative experiences

Projects that manipulate token prices on domestic exchanges, face claims from regulators and depositors, can not withdraw their own funds from internal wallets. After the success of one of the first projects, many “artificial cats” emerged, which worked for 2-3 months and then closed, because they used the same inefficient model. Over time, the referral program becomes deeper and wider. This situation causes many free and extra tokens.

Therefore, projects face situations in which they are incapable, or may be unwilling to fulfill their obligations to investors.

Instead, we are creating new platforms for partners and investors looking for a long-term and honest approach to working with us. To avoid allegations of manipulating token prices, CIC trading will only happen on the external exchanges. This completely eliminates the possibility that the project administrator affects the token price.

As such, we have developed an optimal investment program that enables you to receive a guaranteed daily income without freezing your funds for a long time.


Now this is a plan until 2019 with a token price increase plan starting from $ 0.8 to $ 350


A total of 12 million tokens are planned to be released, and 10 million tokens will be distributed via ICO. One million tokens are reserved for the team and millions of other tokens are allocated for the gift.


It is planned to divide the collected money into ICO in such a way: 40% for development, 30% for marketing, 20% for the expansion of the personnel of traders, 10% for technical services.

ICO structure

ICO will be held from May 15 to June 15, it is planned to hold 15 rounds, each of which will be implemented a different number of tokens. [15 May, 2018 – 15 June, 2018]


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