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Opiria is upsetting the information financier industry by making a focal commercial center for organizations to purchase individual information straightforwardly from shoppers without a hidden go between in a completely straightforward and secure way. Opiria-Platform empowers buyers to make an easy revenue stream by adapting their own information. Organizations can purchase individual information straightforwardly from buyers to comprehend their requirements and to configuration better items and administrations. PDATA Token is the money for exchanging individual information on the blockchain.

Organizations overall frantically need to know their client. They require crucial human bits of knowledge about their shoppers so as to outline creative items and administrations that fuel want, which prompts deals. Organizations likewise require exact information from and about customers to impeccably target advertising and deals exercises. Presently organizations confront a weapons contest in developing interest for buyer information as the world turns out to be more interconnected and new contenders rise. This is the reason information intermediaries – organizations that gather purchasers’ close to home data and exchange or offer that data with others – on the whole the information financier industry turned into a 250 billion USD every year business. The information business industry developed by and large 13,5% in the previous 5 years and is assessed to continue developing with in any event that rate.


The target of the PData swarm deal is to raise $19 million. The ICO will be propelled on twentieth April 2018 with the pre-deal, trailed by the primary open deal which is because of begin on fifth May and keep running until second June 2018.

• Token: PDATA

• Maximum number of tokens: 650 million

• Available to general society: 325 million

• Exchange rate: 37,000 PDATA = 1 BTC (variable). Installments may likewise be made in ETH.

• Price: 1 PDATA = $0.1 (10c)

• Minimum speculation: 1 ETH (0.0004 ETH = 1 FLIX)

• Discount: Tokens will be marked down 40% on day 1 decreasing by 2% a day (no markdown for definite 10 days)

Dissemination of staying half of the tokens:

• 30% will be utilized to buy information

• 20% will be utilized for stage improvement

So this sounds like an exceptionally fascinating and auspicious ICO given the rush of ongoing outrages including individuals’ private information.

PDATA Token use. How can it functions?

from purchasers with no agents. Shopper securing procedures incorporate paying purchasers to join or take reviews; and cooperating with organizations to welcome buyers from their customer databases. The PDATA token places an incentive in individual information and makes a cash that precisely communicates their esteem.

Customers can make a profile on the Opiria stage by revealing individual information and giving recompense that information is being gathered by means of e.g. a program module, a cell phone application, from wearables and shrewd gadgets or through reviews. They can choose which information they reveal to the Opiria database. The more they unveil the more significant their profile progresses toward becoming.

Organizations can approach purchasers for authorization to get to the unveiled individual information through the Opiria stage. In the event that the buyer agrees to giving their information, a brilliant contract between the purchaser and the organization is built up.

On this premise the customer is paid with PDATA tokens and the organization gets the asked for individual information.

Importantly Opiria and PDATA empower organizations to assemble an ever increasing number of particular individual information from purchasers than they can get today from information intermediaries (e.g. following information from wearables, cell phone utilization or eye following and perusing conduct on the web). That is a tremendous included an incentive for organizations!

Opiria and the PDATA token make a biological community for the safe exchanging of individual information while completely securing the shoppers’ information protection, and conceding purchasers full control over direct installments for their own information.

Organizations get a brisk and simple approach to get to more particular individual information of higher quality and will have the capacity to settle on much better choices when planning new inventive items and administrations, and better target advertising and deals exercises.

Rather than most ICOs who simply offer thoughts, Opiria as of now has a genuine item with genuine clients. Fortune 500 organizations, for example, Intel, Volkswagen, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Freightliner, Procter and Gamble, General Motors and Nissan are as of now utilizing Opiria. At the present time the Opiria customer inquire about stage is helping organizations worldwide to comprehend purchaser needs and prerequisites. Utilizing the Opiria web-application and the Opiria cell phone application, organizations have an immediate line to buyers and can get their feeling and criticism, worldwide and every minute of every day continuously.

The blockchain-based Opiria and PDATA Token biological system expands over that officially existing business with effectively existing revenue.The expansion of PDATA Token will upset the 250 billion USD every year information financier business and turn into the highest quality level for organizations to get to purchasers’ close to home information. Moreover, we expect a development spurt of the entire business as a result of the less demanding and better accessibility of individual information because of PDATA and Opiria.


With Opiria stage you can offer your own information straightforwardly to organizations. In return you get PDATA tokens that you can money out for genuine cash. They likewise empowers a safe, reasonable and straightforward exchanging of your own information which is completely agreeable with the standards of the general information assurance control.

Visit the official site for more data:

Website: https://opiria.io

Message: https://t.me/pdatatoken

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pdata-token

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com//pdata/

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3076122

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