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It was last year that blockchain technology and particularly cryptocurrency found itself in the mainstream with so much hype. However, to a great extent, the hype surrounding the technology is somehow justified given the multiple advantages the technology is promising for the several industries. Most are yet aware that the innovation could have several use cases across the board, and it is not only financial transactions that make up blockchain technology or cryptocurrency.

One such field that is experiencing the realization of blockchain as the next big thing is the e-commerce industry. Already major e-commerce retailers are taking the necessary steps to invest in blockchain and realize the benefits. There are plenty of reasons as to why our e-commerce would need to utilize blockchain. As a decentralized secure ledger, it is readily evident that blockchain could have several applications for our e-commerce sites. Let’s have a look at an e-commerce venture looking to use blockchain technology in an entirely new and unique way.


GUARIUM is a fully automated blockchain-based e-commerce ecosystem that will connect manufacturers and wholesalers to the customers through a real-time dropshipping sales model. The ICO project aims to collect funds that will facilitate the development of an automated e-commerce platform that will have the full dropshipping technology. The innovation will further work with a network of affiliate stores to establish one of the fastest growing e-commerce solutions.

The concept to offer an e-commerce automation system for e-commerce professionals looking for a system that will support both the online stores and the participants in a ready infrastructure. Consequently, that means GUARIUM is creating a system for both the manufacturers and wholesalers to conduct automated sales through a simple and viable blockchain e-commerce solution.

GUARIUM Features. How Does It Work?

  • E-commerce platform that will connect the producers and wholesalers, to those who own the e-commerce stores
  • A financial system that will run on a fully automated function to allows continuous running
  • Wallet support to facilitate P2P transfers and other uses including holding the GUAR coin
  • Exchange system from where users get to exchange tokens through the signing of smart contracts
  • The e-commerce automation system in use by GUARIUM will work under two central concepts. They include
  • A fully automated online sales system-this application will offer the innovative solution that the producer or wholesaler seeks to leverage the many online stores into a single adaptable solution
  • Advanced affiliate engine-to create a seamless e-commerce ecosystem, the affiliate system will run under a recommendation system across the online stores present. Once a user visits a store, they get permanently assigned to their referrer.

Is GUARIUM an E-commerce Game Changer?

It is essential to keep in consideration that online stores or business practices also dictate the type of e-commerce solution you might improvise to fit your organization. The bottom line is that the blockchain technology in e-commerce is inevitable and only time will tell when we fully adopt it and utilize platforms such as GUARIUM


The GuarCoin Initial Pre-sale is set to take place from 16 April- 15 July 2018, with an estimated 35 million dollars’ worth of the token supply. Each GUAR will cost the investor 0.01 USD. Furthermore, for the vast investor, there can get a 100% GRATIS on purchases that feature over 100000 GUAR tokens

Token Symbol: GUAR
Token Sale Starts: April 16, 2018
Token Sale Ends: July 15, 2018
Token Price:0.01 USD
Token Standard:ERC 20

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