ROCATI is the first cryptocurrency associated with a real asset which was born to start the real economy of a country through the purchase of real estate properties, and plans to become the global reference currency of the industry. ”

Our vision

With ROCATI we plan to help revive the real estate market and, as a consequence, revive the real economy. We are at the beginning of the revolution in financial markets and we plan to be part of this challenge as a leader.

ROCATI’s center business is attached to concrete, not hypothesis, with regards to property redesign giving careful consideration to the earth, with the objective of lessening vitality wastage.

Our procedure energizes money related advancement in the land business, which expects to scatter wellbeing and assurance to offer a helpful, secure and solid answer for customers. Our additional esteem is straightforwardness and demonstrable skill. ROCATI will convey every potential client to a similar level, offering trust to the individuals who have the insight to get it. Anybody will have the chance to purchase a flat that has been remodeled, without the bad dream of accessing the credit line. ROCATI is the main cryptocurrency on the planet that interfaces with the solid esteem that enables you to purchase a home.

Individuals who purchase ROCATI will be a piece of a select club that offers three advantages: securing your reserve funds, giving you a chance to purchase your fantasy home, and helping couples to assemble families.

Q1 2017 – The time had wanted cryptographic forms of money to truly take an immense jump forward.

ROCATI understood the need to emerge from different kinds of electronic cash: an advanced money that will develop on account of the unmistakable resource of blocks.

Q4 2017 – The task is finished by shielding the basic appropriate to a home from any leaser. Transferrable assentions, a type of lease to purchase with 100% financing through ROCATI, is the arrangement the market was holding up frame. By just finishing property deal deeds once full installment has been made, purchasers guarantee their property can’t be assaulted.

2018-2021 – ROCATI Limited was established by a group of Italians with an expansive range of abilities and know-how – basic designers, planners and creators, IT engineers, budgetary specialists, bequest operators and writers having some expertise in mark character. The essential goal through ITARCO bequest office is to possess the primary European capitals to convey to the overall population the focal points and genuine employments of ROCATI.

2021-2024 – Asia is one of the world’s quickest developing economies. The expansion in wage and shopper control, has solidified the white collar class expanding their interest for products and enterprises. Consequently, determined by the quick development of business sectors, for example, Vietnam, India, the Philippines, China and Indonesia, Asia is the fundamental goal for worldwide financial specialists.

By 2026, the Asia will possess 35% of the world’s land.

Making of land an incentive in Asia:

India: There is a far reaching absence of business and retail deal spaces that should be filled. The current land truths are out of date and should be refreshed.

China: The land division in China is obviously extending. What rises is a solid requirement for business land to guarantee the fare of products streams amicably.

Japan: There are solid open doors for interest in the private segment. Extraordinary land portfolios, with high lease and low administration charges, are a state of enthusiasm for the worldwide market.

Proposals for clients

For those moving toward the universe of cryptocurrency out of the blue, it is major to comprehend that an imperative part is played by security and ideal administration of ventures. We generally suggest keeping ROCATI in a private wallet. Passwords and access keys must be held only by the record holder to forestall anybody getting to an individual wallet and doing exchanges obscure to them.

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