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RedCab is a decentralized blockchain based platform aimed at Introducing advanced technology into the transportation industry.RedCab is a Company incorporated to offer a centralized peer to peer transport solution throughout the process using blockchain technology and Token REDC to be used as a utility token for everyday transactions that creates massive demand for limited inventory
The purpose of the RedCab token is to convert our business model from a centralized application into a decentralized ecosystem that enables access to global reach and reduce user transportation costs, and its benefits can save costs and raise funds to develop RedCab infrastructure and address the growing international demand for transportation services at the whole world through the development of powerful and effective scalable tools.
And for more details about RedCab can view this video for more detailed information
RedCab LLC was established in mid-2016 to rediscover peer-to-peer solutions by solving problems understanding the root causes of innovative needs and benefits by customer experience, transparency, and efficiency.
RedCab LLC provides an opportunity for everyone to become freelance as a service provider that can be used on a peer-to-peer scale, while the company is an aggregated service provider.
Our business model is designed to provide 100% benefits to 100% revenue and tax users through the decentralization process.
The performance matrix and reward program for drivers designed to ensure each trip gets the best quality from a mistake-point of view, needed to resolve new issues, and processes in place to detect both parties.
How does RedCab Solution work ?
RedCab is a decentralized transportation solution for individuals using Blockchain technology for efficient and cost-efficient transactions. On the other hand, increasing customer revenue and responsibility. Our business model is used to ensure that the process is lean and reliable, and programs are awarded our scores and prizes to ensure a loyal and productive community. In this case, RedCab LLC has successfully used this method to create the best pricing formula at no cost or high cost on holidays or Bad weather.
Troubleshooting : Why RedCab ?
Many beginners have risen in new markets to address transportation problems. Most of them succeed as business, but nothing works without damage. Information from technology has bridged some of the needs in the last 10 years, we do this with some models of copycat business without iteration or innovation. Customers are not only looking for trendy services, but looking for truly quality services with decent quality, offering low-priced services and services, and because customers do not like to be misused; so on a rainy day, or a day with heavy traffic; Tariff “high price” is a good move.
Token Info
Token : REDC
Type : ERC20
Exchange : 1 ETH = 2333 REDC
Hard Cap : 24529 ETH
  • Min Purchase : 0.1 ETH = 233 REDC
    Pre-Sale: Starts 01 June 2018 at 12:00 AM GMT and ends on 21 June 2018 at 11:59 PM GMT with early bird investors getting a 15% Bonus till allocated amount is sold out or phase ends.
  • Main Crowd-Sale Start Date : 22 June at 12:00 AM GMT and ends on 15 August 2018 at 11:59 PM GMT.
What Exchanges will REDC be listed on ?
REDC will be listed on exchanges that are regulated and have proof of reserves, including the Korean, Japanese and other globally recognized major exchanges.
Tokens distribution
9% Team and Founders
3% Advisors
1% Bounty
7% Private Sale
15% Presale
25% Reserved for Proof-Of-Driving & Proof-of-Marketing token generation.
40% Crowd-sale
Budget Allocation Overview
29% Product Development
41% Marketing, Acquisitions and Partnerships
13% Management & Advisory board
11% Admin and Operations
6% Legal
RedCab notify the public with the final total amount of REDC tokens in circulation after the completion of the Token Sale because tokens are minted as contributors buy it. This is to maximize the value of tokens sold, scarce the supply, and create a value for token holders once we’re listed on major exchanges. RedCab will not create any new REDC tokens after the Token Sale
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