Introducing MoneyToken

MoneyToken is a Blockchain-based Financial Ecosystem focused on cryptocurrency-backed lending and crypto assets leveraging. The main concept of MoneyToken revolves around the idea that our innovative economic model allows you to hold onto your cryptocurrency and spend cash at the same time.

Over the years, businesses and ideas have crumbled due to inability to access loans due to the fact that there is no tangible asset to serve as collateral. Many financial institutions across the globe demand collateral security and other stringent conditions attached before being considered eligible for credit facility or loan. For about a decade we have witnessed the technological revolution referred to as the blockchain technology that gave birth to the first cryptocurrency known as bitcoin and being regarded as a volatile asset. Reputable financial institutions do not regard cryptocurrencies as a valuable asset that can be used as collateral security. Using cryptocurrency as a means of collateral for loans has been on the front burner for a while. Cryptocurrencies, in general, are regarded as volatile assets.

Components Of MoneyToken 

1. MoneyToken lending platform that provides loans in fiat currencies or stablecoin, secured by collateral in BTC and ETH;

2. MTC – MoneyToken’s own stablecoin

3. MoneyToken decentralized Exchange service.

How MoneyToken Works

MoneyToken is developed with Artificial Intelligence technology or better known as AI (Artificial Intelligence). Intelligence technology is named Amanda that will assist in the loan process in the MoneyToken platform automatically. In addition to assisting in the loan process, Amanda will also feature the functionality of the MoneyToken platform prior to the official launch.

The MoneyToken project will provide you with the opportunity to

receive a Bitcoin-backed loan, but users will not lose their bitcoin assets. On the contrary, they will make money when they borrow money. MoneyToken is also a very lucrative exchange platform or exchange that is very profitable. You can trade crypto currency very easily and more practically. With a smarter MoneyToken system into a reliable Exchange platform. Various kinds of trading operations on the MoneyToken platform will be very easy to do. MoneyToken has its own Token which is named IMT Token.

Lending Model


The MoneyToken Lending Model uses fluctuating crypto-assets as collateral for loans given in fiat or stablecoin currency.

The list of advantages of this model is compared to traditional banking schemes or pawnshops :

• Auto loan confirmation in seconds or minutes.

• There is no requirement for credit assessment or asset verification.

• Customers manage their own lending conditions within the boundaries of the provisions of the platform.

• An option to store collateral in some cryptocurrency assets to stabilize general fluctuations of collateral and lower upward pressure on interest rates. *Transparency of operations during the transfer and storage of a security deposit.

• Transparency of collateral evaluation and fluctuations in value from time to time for both parties.



Avoid cash flow problems or invest in more equipment, without losing the macro cryptocurrency already mined.


Traders and investors

Maintain your investment portfolio of cryptocurrency and use leverage to make further investments or improve your ICO liquidity symbol.



Quick access to cash, without all red tape, for short-term businesses need a token symbol of money



Meet the need for extra cash while hedging exchange risks and utilizing your crypto assets


Platform Technical Description

• MoneyToken will use a smart contract based on Ethereum to secure the terms of the agreement.

• The collateral fund will be kept in a protected multi-signature wallet and requires 3/4 signature to access. One signature is owned by the borrower at any time, owned by the lender, third and fourth owned by the MoneyToken arbitration service.

• Multichain and contract deals will be available in the future, making MoneyToken a fully decentralized platform

Collateral Currency

• At the time of platform launch, Bitcoin and Ethereum will be accepted as collateral, these are the two crypto currencies with the largest market capitalization.

• Dash, Litecoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies included in the top 10 uppercase letters will be added as cryptocurrency backup in the third release platform.

• Adding token sales Another popular token that has gained enough confidence in the market and backed by a successful product, will be considered a future guarantee currency.

MoneyToken Exchange

• At the MoneyToken exchange service, users will be able to purchase and exchange cryptocurrency assets, as well as fiat funds.

• MoneyToken exchange will be used for automation collateral liquidation in cases of collateral currencies price drop.

Initial Token Money

• Up to 60% discount on the platform fees for Customer membership

• Become a lender

Participate in the decentralized decision-making system.

Get cash anytime and anywhere

*Card balance in USD

*Fast and easy loan cash-in

*Repay your loan



Name: MoneyToken

Symbol: IMT
Token selling price: $ 0.005
Retail Price: $ 0.05
Max. emission: 20,044

Private Sale: Feb 07 – 21 Mar Soft Cap: -. Hard cap: $ 1.5MM

Pre-Sales: March 22 – May 1st Soft seal: $ 1.5MB. Hard coverage: $ 5MM

Token Sale: May 02 – Jun 06 Soft seal: $ 3MM Hard cap: $ 35MM


The Retail Price of IMT will be higher by x10 of the final price on the Token Sale, as it is unlimited and will increase in the future and will never be eliminated any lower than the Token Sale price.

Funds received from Retail sales will be transferred to the Safety fund to secure the interests of the lender. The fund’s security mechanism is explained in detail on our white paper. We will refund the money if the soft hat will not be achieved. All unsold tokens will be burned.


Private Sales: 1 – 6 weeks – 40% PreSale
First day – 30%

Week 1 – 4 – 25%

Token Sales

0-10MM – 20%

10-20MM – 15%

20-25 mm – 10%

25-30 mm – 5%

30-35 mm – 0%

Legal Status of the IMT Token

• IMT tokens are utility tokens.

• IMT tokens do not share the properties of paper securities.

• To ensure compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) policies, Know Your Client (KYC) procedures will be implemented.

Team Founders and Key members



Local Ambassadors


For more info follow these links :

WEBSITE : https://moneytoken.com/

WHITEPAPER : https://moneytoken.com/doc/MoneyTokenWP_ENG.pdf


MEDIUM : https://medium.com/@moneytoken

TWITTER : https://twitter.com/MoneyToken
YOUTUBE : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz9r7r5BSoq4eE6guMa7P-w

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