Combined Inter-Exchange Cryptosystem

Welcome my dear friends. Today is a day off, which means I have prepared a lot of interesting projects for you.
Marginal Crypstock trading system is the innovation centralize sharing platform for blockchain technology. This allows you to automatically make transactions, providing income for the owners of the token ICS. The system includes regular crypto exchange where the trader can get higher prices for cryptocurrency transactions in the market and so does the arbitrary system which works with multiple tool and Wagon for universal token.
The key idea behind such a so system is a few professional tools that provide an opportunity for the trader to work with the best prices on trading operations, as well as the availability of a number of automation trading systems with so configuration of trading operations on 30+ crypto exchanges, immediately receiving income from the machine to us and thus earning money for the universal
This multi-purpose system includes crypto exchange; automatic TR system with multiple poem; ATM network criteria for depositing and withdrawing funds; POS system for accepting cryptocurrency on outlets; Suite crypto-cool. All these tools help to develop the crystal market and the sign of the ICS to get passive income, even without being a Professional Trader.
The system works as an original algorithmic trading engine, print income with minimal risk Blades sign of ICS will participate in and distribution of income from all activities of the CrypStock project. In addition, Blades Token will be able to use them as a platon tool in all service systems. The very same sign of the ICS is a means to a plate on yet for personal trading participants and use of the entire project infrastructure with a reduced Commission for all operations. General information
Token: I & C
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 500,000,000 SWK
Price: 1 MPs = 0.25 US dollars
BTC FL, LTK, dash, MANNER, T4T etc.
Soft cover: $ 5,000,000
Hard cover: 59,000,000 USD
Quantity: 5,500,000 ICS
Beginning: 11.06.2018
Serene: 11.07.2018
June 11-15, 40%
16-23 June 25%
June 24-July 01 20%
02-11 July 15%
Quantity: 269,500,000 ICS
Beginning: 15.08.2018
Serene: 20.09.2018
15-25 August 25%
August 26-September 02 15%
03-12 September 10%
13-20 September 5%
About team:
Felix Roman
Project Manager and catastrophically
Opt business development and Analytics with over 10 come in the scene of the financial and sector invasion, Mr. Roman formal and led teams of several specifications of businesses generating mongolian revenue during his engagement.
Technical Manager, catastrophically, Expert cryptocurrency market
More than 25 years of experience in managing projects in the field of financial and exchange trading systems. Among Alex’s clients are Banks Leumi and apoalim, the Central Bank of Israel, tel – Win Fund bra, Bra Ukraine and other Americans technical Director of the company public (ORDERED S. U.: OTS).
Director of marketing
CEO of xport media device, 18 years of experience in sophisticated marketing Agent. Expertise in all areas of marketing for the launch of new global projects and products. Marie worked with a major brand.
Team leader
Software engineer with extensive experience in web development of complex financial web projects. Participated in the development of Pelecoin projects (, visualization of financial information of the Bank of Israel (Virtech), CrypStock (2016-2018).
Team leader
Software engineer specializing in real-time technology for web client server systems. Iz participated in a number of projects in the field of cryptography. Developed the Pelecoin project (, CrypStock (2016-2018).
Auburn 5 years of experience in the latest web technologies. Participation in Pelecoin project development (, CrypStock (2016-2018).
Software engineer specializing in financial information visualization. Itai participated in a number of projects for large companies and Bank Israel Israel (Virtech).
Auburn has 3 years of experience in the latest web technologies. Participation in Pelecoin project development ( ), visualization of financial information of the Bank of Israel (Virtech), CrypStock (2016-2018).
In MVC ASP.Net programs and Adaptive designer with more than 4-come experience
A development contract in the Blockchain and smart
Experience in it development and more than 5 years. Is an expert in the architecture of blockchain applications, and the Token economy. Blockchain and language enthusiast. The thoroughness of the design and analysis of security Smart-contracts. He participated in the development and revision of the world’s famous blockchain projects.
Lawyer, Managing partner of the international bar Association “Levant and partners”.
Specializes in the field of support of international transactions and acquisitions, corporate law matters, telecommunications law and intellectual property issues. MTV is the President of the International legal Foundation, which provides legal support to ecommerce organization on a charitable basis.
Market and exchange system consultant does
Since 2008 – Chairman of the Board of Ukrainian bisexual. One of the most expensive derivative market in Ukraine. Supports and actively promotes the idea of creating in Ukraine legally cryptocurrency market and their derivatives.
Consultant for research and development
Doctor, Professor, Dean of the faculty of information systems and programmers, cryptography specialist, more than 25 years of experience in research and consulting.
Development and security program consultant
An expert on development programs with over 20 years experience in complex financial project. Specialist in the development of advanced solutions programs for macrophages and technology related to the unit.
Consultant on the plan and program of tester products
Dr. Techn. (Doctor of science), 15 years experience in leading Israel firm
Road map:
November 2016
Nate companies are involved in the development of classic bisexual.
January 2017
The collection of analytical cryptocurrency transactions in 15 markets.
June 2017
Algorithm of automation of trading operations Development.
September 2017
The founders of the project involves the development solution interexchange system with multiple poem.
November 1, 2017
Polo technical specification, the face of the founders. Preparing to start development.
3 December 2017
Start of development. The beginning of the project with a fully forming the project team.
January 2018
A professional team for the development of the Bank ATM network in Israel, Germany and the Republic of Apr was created.
29 January 2018
The Company’s Creation. Company registration and all legal procedures in accordance with con Israel.
28 February 2018
Project fork. All of the participants ChipMine Goose for Ruslan project (fork) on ChipMine Crypstock exchange I.
May-June 2018
Tr and trading in a fake site model with Cast functionality without real-time.
July-August 2018
Prototype A. Basic bra and TR system with Desk exchanges and five value point, in partial present.
September-October 2018
Prototype B. Up to 20 exchanges and 10 pairs of storage including the CrypStock sign, and docile book of orders are being traded in real time.
November 2018
Pilot version. Start Bi. Operation of all major systems. Tr system up to 30 exchanges and 20 pairs storage.
December 2018
Fully functional. The bra works in a full-featured mode. External cryptocurrencies are connected. New tokens are accepted. Tr works with 50 + br. The docile book ordering system works with completely Napoli buffer stats on 50+ exchanges.
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