Konios ICO (KON Tokens): Fiat & Crypto Trading Exchange Project

Kryptoneans, but the well-informed and experienced crypto machinists would agree with the one Time is like this, the best planting season. In the drop in the flow rates of some coins, the cryptocurrency extends its wings and tentacles far and wide to every segment of one’s endless and daily transactions in an attempt to establish itself more. One of the innovative innovative measures is in the main shell of “KONIOS”.

As you always know, in all my previous work and writing, I always suggest the best projects their ICOs are going through, right now, where myriads are a number of fake projects. Without boring you in many words, leave

traveling together through this project – KONIOS.


Konios has developed and programmed a platform for crypto enthusiasts worldwide. Easy access to the

Konios platform only requires a smartphone and an internet connection. The transaction

is based on a conversion principle developed in Switzerland without the use of a

Bank or other intermediaries. The exchange takes place face to face (F2F) with another user of the platform. The transaction process is precisely structured and subject to the highest security regulations. It consists of five security keys and the participants exchange with just four clicks on their smartphones.

To keep the transactions safe and the fees low, the own blockchain is designed, which validates and acts within the platform. It serves as the basis for using all cryptocurrencies without paying the corresponding chain fees. The Smart Contracts monitors and verifies the transactions and all processes within the platform.

Active users of the reward system. After each transaction, evaluations are made by the exchange partners. The evaluations give

an insight into the professional behavior of the exchange partner. The reward and the punishment

Parameters stored in the smart contract sort incorrect behavior and reward users for their positive contribution.

Due to the continuous growth of the cryptocommunity, cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly important. Conversely, as the crypto community grows louder and closer, public authorities are getting more and more stringent. The intervention of the state is the first step toward general acceptance. The future omnipresence of cryptocurrencies requires easier handling. In order to

no age group or social minority is excluded from the crypto-community.

During the transitional phase, the cryptocommunity is undergoing a transitional phase. Against this background, the Konios team has been working tirelessly since 2017 to initiate and establish a platform that addresses these problem areas. The Konios team is proud to present the solution.


With no hype and no great expression, this project is designed to bring the well-being of its investors, Believrs and platform users to life with utmost seriousness. Here are some of the benefits that these end users can enjoy:

*** User reward

The Konios ecosystem is designed so that the platform develops its own momentum of progress, enforced by the reward system. In addition to providing a secure platform, users are rewarded for their loyalty and participation. As planned, some KONs are kept, which are distributed directly to the users in the initial phase. The users receive this number of KON unconditionally.

The rewards are credited directly to the wallet within the platform. The KON rewards are not

conditionally. The reward serves as an incentive for new users. Depending on the volume, the

first transactions are carried out for free or with very low fees.

The KON has no value at the time of the ICO. This only works with the listing

Reached Exchange platforms. The Konios team reserves the right to limit the number of KONs

are defined in the user premium, to adjust for unforeseen changes, such as: B. a sharp increase in

Number of new customers on the platform.

*** Security and decentralization policies

The following guidelines are published throughout the Konios project and reflect the core

Theme of the development process:

– All published features, platforms (APP, desktop) and traffic will be appropriate

tested and confirmed.

Wherever possible and under local laws should be functions and automated

Processing steps are validated and confirmed on site.

– No general user data is collected that is not related to the platform

and needed for the execution of the function step.

– none of the parties (external partners or freelancers) may rely on client funds

or access sensitive data.

– Security specific development processes must be in stable and

secure regions are implemented.

– Feedback and suggestions from the community should be collected in an information pool

and be integrated into the development process.

– Platform improvements and improvements should, where possible, be

Fairy reductions include.


Loyalty bonus On a voluntary basis, the Konios platform distributes KON loyally

Token owners who keep their KON tokens on the Konios platform.

For an example, the distribution could look like this:

Total platform revenue this month is $ 500,000. The payout to the token holder

is 10% of the total sales of $ 50,000 and the platinum level reward this month is $ 25,000. In the platinum phase the total stock amounts to 250’000’000 KON,

of which you own 15’000’000 KON shares.

*** Fees

Reward, maintenance and development of the Konios platform require additional

Income. In particular, to finance user premiums and to close the

EcoCycle wants to charge minimum transaction fees for transactions within the Konios platform

be borne in equal parts by buyer and seller.



The ICO is currently undergoing a massive wave of reactions. For well descriptive and clear information on the ICO details, a well-made photo is taken from the white paper:


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