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As a consumer, sometimes I know exactly what I want, and sometimes I don’t know what I want until it’s in front of me. I want to be a loyal customer and be able to quickly discover new products/services. On the other side, advertisers want to market their products/services with a high confidence level that I will make a purchase. That in a nutshell, is the consumer-advertiser relationship. When the relationship is in perfect balance both get what they want. ZeroState is a platform designed to achieve that balance/link.
Below are the benefits that consumers and advertisers can expect from using the ZeroState platform.
  • Free participation in platform promotions
  • Bonuses for reviews
  • Unbiased opinions
  • Better discovery for products/services
  • Better targeted marketing campaigns
  • Extremely loyal customers
  • Better user feedback and ratings
  • Emotional price lists
While products and services are often categorized by type (i.e. sci-fi, toys, furniture, clothes, etc.), ZeroState proposes that a consumer can discover products/services with more accuracy and precision using a consumer’s emotional preferences (happy, sad, cool, awesome, sexy, etc.). As such, ZeroState wants to leverage a person’s strong emotional ties and connections to things they want and provide a transactional platform to better link consumers and advertisers.


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Getting products in front of a consumer and knowing with a high confidence that they will purchase the item, is the Holy Grail for advertisers. For the consumer, they don’t want to be spammed with marketing. In other words, if the communication between the consumer and advertiser is off balance, then the advertiser wastes their money and the consumer wastes their time. For the relationship to work, both sides must be able to communicate their requirements to each other. That perfect communication is ultimately what ZeroState hopes to achieve.
At first, I was a little skeptical that my emotional state and sensual feedback, could accurately fund what I’m looking for. However, with some reflection, I think consuming is very much tied to a person’s emotional state (a person’s emotional state can affect any number of types of decisions – not just product/services purchases). For me, I prefer to listen to music by type and then by emotion. For products, I want to see the “popular”, “cool”, or “awesome” ones. Good to go right? It’s a little more complicated. A Lamborghini fits my preferences, but the likelihood that I will buy one is very close to zero. In this day and age should I expect advertisers to know that? Yes I do.
ZeroState understands that achieving the perfect balance requires a certain mastery. That is why their transactional model and mechanism to ensure an unbiased rating of advertising campaigns and fair distribution of funds is outlined in their whitepaper. Put simply, ZeroState needs to ensure participants are playing fairly to give their economics of the model a high probability of success. Don’t forget: Bad data in usually means bad data out. ZeroState’s model has to find the right incentive balance to ensure participants are acting and communicating in good faith. If that can be achieved, then everyone wins – including ZeroState.
ZeroState isn’t the only company looking for the Holy Grail. Amazon (you might have heard of them), is diligently working to improve their Artificial Intelligence (AI) predictive analytics. Amazon wants to leverage their customer data to predict what you want to buy before you even do! Amazon’s approach is different, but their goal is the same.
There ZeroState project certainly meets my threshold for an interesting project. I don’t think they need a large user base to be successful. They need to prove that their model works for any user base size and growth will come organically.
I hope this post was helpful describing the ZeroState project and that I conveyed why I find it interesting. If you agree with me, I encourage you to read their whitepaper as it outlines their value propositions in more detail.


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