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Although Blockchain technology has affected entrepreneurs and women positively in crypto transactions in areas such as extreme speed, low cost and high flexibility but cryptocurrency is only rarely used as a payment. The reason is because traders are not safe because of floating interest rates. As a result, companies are still using traditional Fiat payment systems that connect with banks and financial institutions. The truth is that buyers are now looking for security which transactions with cryptocurrency provide through protected trades and in case there is a problem there is a guarantee of return of payment. The way out is Payera.
The PAYERA Network is a payment platform that enables businesses and the private sector to experience safe and convenient cryptocurrency shopping. Payera is a platform where digital currency buyers are protected against fraudsters, by offering them full consumer protection for all transactions including all conventional goods as well as services. The payera platform also allows sellers to get the perfect solution to be established in the cryptocurrency arena and to increase their sales volume by offering full protection against volatility in the crypto market through optional payments in Fiat or requested coins.
The payera platform is a market where crypto owners can do online shopping with a calm mind without worry. The Payera platform is a user-friendly online-shop platform that provides traders and customers the opportunity to offer new and used merchandise. The clock word of this platform is the security of digital currency. This platform has three business models. Namely: PAYERA which is a payment platform with protection and wallets of buyers and sellers, CARDERA, which is a crpto card for everyday payments and finally, shopera which is an online store. This platform gives buyers the opportunity to rate the seller once the purchase is complete. The payera platform has a token called PARE. PARE is a standard Token ERC20, based on Ethereum Blockchain, PARE will be the Token used on the Payera platform. The pre-ICO platform will start on May 30, 2018. During the 1-bit period it will be equivalent to 0.035USD. The main ICO will start on June 20, 2018. During that period, 1 pare will be equal to 0.05USD.
You can change or sell the cryptocurrency as often as you like, and we do not charge exchange rates.
There is no charge for the faithful
Buyers are completely exempt from payment.
Low salary for the seller
The seller pays a very low price, which can be further reduced by positive suggestions
Multifunctional concept
A provider that allows you to manage all of your online transactions
-The processes are free
You can send money to your friends and acquaintances.
-Security at a high level
In all our services, we apply the latest blockchain technology, which uses the highest encryption level
ICO is a method of financing a business. The so-called “First Currency Offers” can partly be compared with the first issue of commercial documents. ICO can buy tokens for projects in the Blockchain ecosystem through bulk funding. Supporters and investors buy the Scion symbol and can trade for token lists acquired on different platforms.
Between 30.05.18 and 15.06.18 PRE-ICO
ICO will take place between 20.06.18 – 18.07.18.
During ICO Crowdsale there is a 25% bonus. You will receive a bonus 14 days after the end of the ICO. Follow the ICO website or your social media channels for the latest information.
What are the main goals in the first three years?
At least 6 million special users
less than 100,000 accounts of companies registered abroad
Establishment of an international youth team in sales and marketing in the departments
Progress and research in blockchain technology
to build a foundation team
We will use secure and unbreakable system blockchain technology to establish an honest structure in terms of marketing, sales and procedures. If we save all data about this number, we will see it immediately. Tracing the track surrounding the term does not exclude users who trust this process to automatically ask what has happened to the stored one.
not the performance of Crypto has caught my attention, but also teknolojisidir.bankacılık block chaining system behind the scenes, a very near future, many inefficient tools in the investment and financial industry, will be replaced by a contract smart.
A new generation of investors, transparency, efficiency and innovation, as well as freedom, advanced technology platforms are also the reason for the expectations of Karşılayabiliyor.b, our central philosophy platform, each token has cast votes that prove that communication within the administration, which means that you can be rewarded, participate in the referendum and the effects.
Payerne, free financial institutions and the creation of new exchange crypto currencies that avoid unnecessary costs came as a tool for the forecasting tool. The Payera platform can disrupt most of these vehicles and represent a similar obligation for the central banks. who treats a big headache that involves no commitment.
Although Payera as a whole is the best and best-known online business in the Asian region, it requires much less management.
PARE is an ERC20 token based on Ethereum Blockchain, PARE is a token of the Payera platform.
Payera allows lower transaction fees to customers around the world. Merchants have nothing to do in their pockets, so they also have the option of making wallets. Traders are the ideal answers and legitimate opportunities that emerge in the crypto scene.
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