Review of FTEC project


An absolute economic system in crypto-commerce can be managed thanks to a new digital platform «FTEC».

It is made up of the special signals, arbitration assistant, the Bots engaged in the trade on the exchange, materials to teach the depths of the exchange trade. It also has a neural network processing the incoming data and other stuff useful for any trader.

The «FTEC» aim is to provide the professional traders and newcomers with all available tools to cut down the number of unskilful traders in all countries afterwards.

Let us consider what the platform is and how it works more closely.


What is FTEC:


Members of the platform have worked with cryptocurrency and have been occupied with cryptocurrency trade for two or three years. The services tested by them are taken as a basis of «FTEC». Thus, the platform is produced with the trading “smart”-system and 12 functions. They help the traders to conduct exchange business.

«FTEC» has the following functions to help:

  • The adaptive social tool –it helps the trader to monitor the exchanges and their leaders, sends the traders messages about certain words appearing in the social networks.
  • The analysis of trader’s behaviour- monitors the trader’s commerce history and advises the methods to improve it. If a person has a desire to withdraw from the deal beforehand, it will advise him to put the withdrawal off and prolong the deal for more time to draw profit.
  • The management of orders- fixes the «Stop loss» and «Take profit» levels, the mathematical algorithm calculates the most favourable levels to enter the deal.
  • News analysis – this function examines all the news about the trade, creates a report containing new strategic trade solutions to improve the trader’s result and sends it to the user.
  • The arbitration assistant gets a percentage of profit received as the result of the differences in cryptocurrency price on the exchange.
  • The analyzer of the abnormal volume dynamics – monitors the exchange situation and notifies the irregular dynamics of cryptocurrency asset.
  • Cryptocurrency Academy – you can find a video material, or the texts prepared for traders in which the theory and practice of crypto commerce are described.
  • “Guide as to lead trade” – this function collects the recommended materials on the professionals in crypto and exchange based on their rating of reputation.
  • The analyzer of prices monitors several exchanges and finds the best price of the cryptocurrency you are interested in. This function can send the notifications of the change of currency price. Thanks to it you can figure out the good time to open and close the deal.
  • Management of cryptocurrency portfolio – makes the monitoring and managing of the cryptocurrency portfolios with rebalancing and statistics easier.
  • The notification of the price- sends the data on the positions of the cryptocurrency, its prices, «Stop loss» and «Take profit» value to the trader’s email, mobile phone or applications.
  • The Telegram assistant is a desktop and mobile application, which makes the platform and its tools available to use via “Telegram”.

Thus, the platform can be viewed as a multifunctioning tool for co-operation with cryptocurrency exchanges, traders’ support and making their work easier. You can cooperate with such large cryptocurrency exchanges as «Binance», «Yobit», «Poloniex» and «Bittrex» thanks to the project tools.




The way FTEC token will work:


You must possess FTEC tokens to log in and use certain services, functions or tools.

The users will get the following bonuses if they buy several tokens during the presale or sale which take place before and after the launch of the platform:

  • You will be able to automate the transaction having little tokens on your account;
  • VIP-materials and the lesson on sales;
  • Opportunity to have countless orders immediately;
  • Opportunity to open several portfolios immediately;
  • You will get 12 functions and other effective tools to work on the exchanges.


Token info


Token FTEC
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
PreICO price 1 ETH = 39,900 FTEC
Price in ICO 1 ETH = 35,270 FTEC
Min. investment 0.1 ETH
Soft cap 2,000 ETH
Hard cap 26,500 ETH
Tokens for sale 848,640,000





Sum it up


The «FTEC» platform is the most hotly debated nowadays. This ICO has more than 37 thousand users in Telegram and more than 29 thousand on Twitter. Having its own intellectual tools «FTEC» can unite the networks and provide convenient opportunities for the co-operation with the cryptocurrency markets. Both the newcomers and experienced users in the field of investing can use the platform. This system unites like-minded people, that is why it will be convenient for the investors to use “smart”-contracts guaranteeing confidentiality and data protection during the work.

The profit of investment project is grounded on the MSCI USA IMI index. That is why «FTEC» can send the invested assets to the bond market on behalf of the investor.








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