REPUX Significant Role in Developing Data Sharing Business in the Future

The Use of REPUX

Repux is developed to helps data collectors, application developers, and data users to share their data. The data will be shared with a revolutionary system which is not exists yet in the current marketplace.

The platform works as a protocol and by using this protocol all of valuable data can be monetized or exchanged to the corporate, individual users, collectors, developers, and users. The platform is using multiple decentralized technologies so it can be updated regularly based on what the users needs. Those technologies are including File System, SIA, Ethereum, and EOS.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence

REPUX is supported with the latest technology including artificial intelligence and machine learning. By using Artificial Intelligence or AI, the platform will be developed faster. In fact, AI becomes one of promising technology in the market.

The most benefit is because Artificial Intelligence supports various types of economy aspects. When AI is installed there is a significant improvement on the machine learning ability. To make it perfect, the platform will also be supported by decentralized access to the valuable data. As the result, all members who are related to the REPUX’s networks can share valuable data through application.

The different between the previous model and this model is on the ability to select valuable data only so the result will be better than before. Definitely, this platform is trying to make machine works maximally. When the platform is installed machine and computer system is able to do direct learning by only analyze the data given.

How REPUX Solve Common Issues

The challenge of introducing this revolutionary platform is about trust and transparency. The users need to know that they can believe the platform. They also need to make sure that everything will be done transparently for the advantages of all members.

REPUX is using the latest technology so those issues can be reduced. One way is by building blockchain compatible with the valuable data involved on the platform. The blockchain works by creating list of record continuously and will be secured by specific system known as cryptograph. As the result, all the data and transactions will be recorded automatically. At the same time, the users are able to check the record completely and it will be shown transparently.

As the result, common frauds and issues are solved brilliantly and all members get benefits from data sharing activity. Interestingly, the transaction can be used peer to peer and only trusted people who can join this platform. Definitely, REPUX is really a valuable platform for data sharing business in the future.

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