Good afternoon, fellow investors. I want to tell you about a project today Datablockchain . is a project based on the latest data collection platform. The time spent on data acquisition and processing will be reduced by several times. Effective methods of working with databases, intuitive interface of sorting and ordering will be developed. In a word, all for the convenience of the user!

The new data collection platform will also significantly reduce the budget for advertising, because now you do not need to pay for extra information. According to statistics, last year the advertising and marketing market broke the ceiling of 600 billion US dollars, a third of which falls on digital advertising. That’s why the need for accuracy in the database is so urgent. Datablockchain project has all chances to become a leader in its niche due to the quality of services offered. will combine their own data with many of the world’s largest databases from government agencies, industry data, voting records and business data, estate data, credit Bureau data, etc., to create a wide variety of datasets for individuals and businesses seeking to attract and retain customers.

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Access to quality data offered by, was too expensive for most non-Fortune 50 companies. But now, as a result of the platform, all participants will be able to get the exact data they need. The size of the data search order does not matter because of the excludes intermediaries in the provision of data that tend to be overestimated and inefficient. This opens up an undeveloped market of potential customers on the world stage.

DataBlockchain (DBCCoin) will be used for transactions in the and for rewarding data providers. The DBCCoin token will also function as an important marketing tool for the, as it will serve as the basis for the reward program, as well as stimulate partners through the promotion program. These functionalities will be fully supported by a smart contract using Solidity.

Three revenue models:

Big data partner transfers data via API
Data placement partners
Core technology:

Intelligent indexing engine (SIE)
Integration of the blocking system
DBC wallet for easy purchase
The project is guaranteed by a team of data professionals, experienced managers and engineers with years of experience in the field of data and technology that intends to benefit from a unique combination of big data, artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to provide access to the necessary information for the world.
Datablockchain will be able to offer competitive prices for databases of any size, due to the fact that it works without intermediaries.

Tokens of this project will be used for transactions in and settlements with data providers and settlements with partners. Smart-contra support will also be provided.

The project is destined to be successful due to the effective work of the team, which has ten years of experience in developing projects using artificial intelligence and experience in the application of blockchain technology.

Project development:

Q4 2017 — based

1 quarter 2018-Alpha UI, with access to Media Direct data. Initial data collection phase.

2 quarter 2018-MVP * demo version. Development Of An Intelligent Indexing Mechanism. The second stage of data sources collection.

3rd quarter 2018 — Development Purse DBCcoin. And now it’s time to talk about ICO. Pre-sale / Basic sales information:

About ICO and Token
The total number of tokens was created: 870 million.
Total tokens for sale – 522 million (60%). Closed sale: 100 million tokens
Pre-sale will be held from 27.05.2018 for 21.06.2018. Tokens for sale: 164.58 million. Token price: $ 0.08 ($ 0.12 with 50% bonus%)
General sale – June 27, 2018 July 21, 2018. Tokens for sale: 257.42 million Token Price: $ 0.08
Dedicated team / consultants: 221,1 million (25%)
Campaign for charity: 10 million (1%)
Promotion / Marketing: 10 million (1%)
Exchange / reserve: 106.9 million (12%)
Minimum purchase for pre-sale: 1 ETH
Minimum purchase for main sale: 0.1 ETH
Soft: $ 10 million
Hard: $ 50 million

More info in:
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