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Imagine a completely different and beautiful entertainment universe, which includes a multi-user competing eSports platform, RPGs and mobile applications with a block in the heart where gamers can earn real money, fighting to survive between five different strong cultures. It sounds very promising, does not it? SCAR is a place where all this is real and legal!
Scar-world is a separate post-apocalyptic fantastic universe with its laws, where in the first place there is always a fierce struggle for survival between different cultures, each of which seeks to defeat the rest. It includes an award-winning, competitive, action-based team, a mobile game and several games with one player.
Today, more than 300 thousand people have played in SKARA without any marketing and advertising expenses. So, I think you want to see what it is, and an advertising video with an alpha version, which you can see below:
And, as mentioned in my previous reports, today is the best time to implement locking technologies and smart contracts in the gaming industry, right now the SKARA team is striving to do in its beta version, which is now being prepared.
Scar’s Goal
Team Skara predicts up to 5 million downloads in the first twelve months after the beta launch. They are aimed at reaching 40 million in the first three years.
In terms of income, they hope to reach $ 1.5 million every month in the first year, and then $ 18 million every month in the long term.
Structure of sales of tokens
SKARAT (SKT) is a token issued in Token Sale.
  • SKARAT is the sign of the intellectual contract Ethereum, which meets the requirements of ERC20.
  • Only ETH will be accepted as a contribution. You can use certain exchanges, such as Evercoin, to contribute to bitcoyne, Litecoin, Dash and other crypto. Donations from the action will not be accepted, and the money will be lost.
  • To contribute to our pre-sale token or to execute our Whitelist procedure: · Visit Give us an email, username and telegram number that you expect. · A minimum of 5 ETH will be accepted for pre-sale.
  • ETH / SKARAT Price: We can not determine the exact amount of costs that must be incurred in ET until the sale of the marker starts due to price fluctuations. We will update the ETH price on the market at 2 pm (CET) every day after the tokens are sold directly to adjust price fluctuations. To see the current SKARAT value, visit
  • Release icon: The data will be published within two weeks after the end of the sale of the marker.
  • Only the purchase confirmation will be printed.
Distribution of tokens
We hope to publish a maximum of 20,000,000 SKARAT. When the sale of tokens is completed, the SKARA marker will no longer be issued. The Token will be distributed as follows:
  • 9% of the tokens will be distributed between the founding partners and the teams.
  • 15% of tokens will be held by the company to finance future marketing activities.
  • 3% will be used for Bounty and other programs
  • 3% for the advisor.
  • 70% will be available to sellers.
Use of funds
  • 50% of the proceeds will be used for research and development, including the implementation of blockades, the creation of our tournaments and platforms. According to our estimates, these costs range from € 1 million to € 5 million.
  • 35% will be used for marketing for the development of our existing community.
  • 10% of sales revenue will be used for the Operation to continue the development of Nature SKARA by adding a single player mode and mobile application for partners.
  • 5% will be used for administration and legal fees
For more information, visit our LINK:

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