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What is Cryptograin?

Cryptograin is a service provided through a mobile application and a web version. It allows the accumulation of personal savings in assets and automatic and semi-automatic cryptocurrency. It supports the use of high-quality electronic money.
For example: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ….
The project is ready to be expanded globally. Our team of experts and financial partners, who are improving the project every day.

Problem Cryptograin solution?

Cryptograin introduces modern technology and services to allow for accumulation.
  • Money to make money. Keeping money in deposit accounts in a conventional bank will hardly lead to accumulation, as interest rates on bank deposits are unlikely to exceed the inflation rate.
  • They will try to change your attitude into money – you will start saving almost no notice of this.
  • Low wages, lack of economic knowledge and no use of financial tools to prevent others from accumulating income.
  • They will help overcome the psychological barrier that many people have: “I simply have no money to save.”
  • One of Cryptograin’s major tasks is to promote recognition and participation on a wide scale
    of users in the digital asset accumulation ecosystem, by providing high quality and simple tools to saving.
  • The average user may have little experience in using electronic money and most likely will not have easy access to get them.

Describe the services of Cryptograin?

Here are some key features of Cryptograin:
  • Round up the transaction amount when shopping at stores and retail stores and automatically transfer the difference to your wallet service.
  • Make a fixed daily transfer of the amount determined for your wallet service
  • Make a fixed amount of money each week for your wallet service.
  • Make instant electronic money exchanges in service conversations, with “security” to protect your friend invitations to participate in the service and participate in a loyalty program that allows gift certificates to be awarded. Gift of different value in electronic money
  • Make a monthly transfer of money for your wallet service to make an instant electronic money transfer in chat service to other users of the service, with the “cryptograin” protection of the cash withdrawal transaction. electronic wallets and debit cards transfer money to your wallet service according to the convenient schedule and the amount of money invested in the stock.

Business model of Cryptograin?

The Cryptograin business model reflects expected short-term and long-term financial results of service activities.
According to the White Paper, they say:
  • The loyalty program encourages customers to use this service actively to attract new friends and users to the service because loyalty programs allow users to earn bonuses for one certain actions.
  • The amount of bonuses awarded to cardholders depends on the number of service users.
  • We will attract new users with the help of our highly functional web and mobile application resources.
  • We try to be reasonable in our expectations, so we put forward three development scenarios.

Distribute the token code

The ICO will begin on June 25 and will end on August 29.
ICO investors will have the following bonuses:
June 25 – July 5 – 25%
July 6 – Day July
17 – July 27 – 10%
July 28 – August 7 – 5%
August 8 – August 18 – 3%

Roadmap of Cryptograin?

  • MARCH 2017
    Development of service creation ideas. Market analysis and research. Set up the project team.
  • October 2017
    Development of web application design and mobile device development service architecture.
  • December 2017
    Draft white paper prepared for ICO. Introduce blockchain technology into the economic component of the project.
    Mobile application design and service backend. Address the legal issues of the project.
  • Q3:
    Signing agreement with partners.
    Develop a smart contract.
    Launch ICO
  • Q4:
    Improve the service ecosystem and enter into agreements with service providers. Develop an advertising campaign.
    Additional development of the service. Mobile Application Development.
  • Launches the beta version of the mobile app and the web version of the service. Carry out an advertising campaign.
    Open service for all users. Improve the scalability of the project.
    Additional bonuses for the token keeper and the loyal customer.
    Obtain the necessary licenses, including fund management licenses and brokerage activities, to work with professional investors.
    Integrate with scoring platform

Team development of Cryptograin?

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