monetize digital activity and personal data

why invest in beTOK?

Great management capabilities for the user-
allowing each person to collect, manage and use their data in a simple, and 100% secure, compatible GDPR way.
Blocking market of digital activity
This allows users to monetize any single interaction based on a qualitative correspondence between their profile and the targeting criteria of advertisers. The proposed solution is based on the principle that any interaction between people and the advertiser is “placed” by the publisher.
The user is empowered
with complete security, data management and 100% confidentiality regarding the toolkit. Result? More informed, more active users.
-free system guarantees a real, effective connection between advertisers and people and excludes falsification.
Advertising allocates budget funds to people and publishers.
A high level of ROI for any player-
users the ability to monetize the digital engagement in events offered by advertisers; publishers-the discovery of new stream receipts; advertisers are the best “conversion” campaign.

ICO tokens

beTOK platform https://beico.info/ will be a peer-to-peer platform that will allow users to unlock the potential of their digital actions and data. The
It is worth the monetization of digital activities and personal data, as Airbnb stands for the monetization of private rooms and apartments.
Imagine the value of Airbnb’s crypto currency if this company released a token a few years ago? Now you see the potential of the thread.
Buyers of ICO tokens will be part of an exclusive “club” that has access to special and exclusive terms, such as Air Drop BTK and offers products and services on the market.

The value for the marker members

beTOK will play a fundamental role for users authorized by beTOK services to monetize their digital activities and personal data.
In general, users will have good reason to own the VTK, because this will be an effective way to monetize their participation in digital activities related to their areas of interest.
Users will receive BTD in accordance with their conscious decisions in full compliance with the principles of the GDPR.
By registering on the beTOK platform, users will have access to the basic data profiling and management services, and will also be able to participate in the payment of advertising campaigns.
To stimulate the large-scale implementation of BTK, the beTOK platform will provide BTK with each user or service of the toolkit available on the beTOK platform.
With this airdrop, users will soon be exposed to the potential of an economy based on their digital activities and data.
Users of the WTC will have access to any marketplace, created and available on the beTOK platform, a market characterized by “private sales”, power-hours offers a growing involvement of partners in products and services.

The Value for advertisers

Advertisers have the opportunity to adopt a unique advertising platform based on:

Quality matching of targeting criteria to campaign-profile of the user.
“Consensus” of users.
Transparency of budget allocations.
These are the main solutions for reducing the effectiveness of the digital advertising. ECO-system, created over the past 15 years by large Internet corporations and advertising players.

Value for publisher

Digital interaction between users and advertisers in a restaurant, in a bar or in a music room can create opportunities for managerial places, because they will be considered as “hosting” space.
Publishers will be able to engage users in a consistent manner with their areas, editorial manuals, and also taking into account their digital “location”.
By placing campaigns on the interaction between the users and the publishers, they become the main partners of the beTOK system: they have a clear opportunity to add an income stream.

More detailed information can be found in the technical documentation of the project: Whitepaper
Token distribution:
Awarding crypto experts through Bounty programs https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4517092.0.
The opening of the platform beTOK through bonus systems, such as airdrops and create awareness about the beTOK platform
Involvement of partners, such as publishers, in an innovative approach to data management and advertising, aimed at users
Creation of a reserve for the introduction of end users and long-term development of the economy.
Details of IKO
Name: beTOK
Symbol: BTK
Type: Utility token
Maximum Supply: 1,500,000,000
For sale: 39.5%
Price: 1 ETH = 18,000 BTK
Acceptable crypto currencies: ETH
ICO from: September 27th 2018
to: September 30th 2019
Soft cap: 1.800 ETH
Hard Cap: 16,500 ETH

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