Alphateca Platform – Global Cryptocurrency platform enabling Purchase and Selling using cryptocurrency!

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All-in-one. Worldwide. Useful.
  • meaning Alphateca platform will be the true meaning of cryptocurrency that Satoshi Nakamoto envisioned. The platform will enable global access to a buy and sell platform using cryptocurrency. No requirement and anything. Simply buy anything you want with cryptocurrency, and vice versa, selling your items for cryptocurrency.
    The platform is not only centered on selected countries but it is available for use worldwide, meaning anywhere and wherever you are in the world, you can connect with fellow user,buyer and seller within the Alphateca platform.
  • What is Alphateca?
    Alphateca is a global crypto marketplace, where any user can act both as a buyer or seller, sell or purchase different services or goods using cryptocurrency as a means of payment. Imagine that it takes you only 10 minutes to create your own private wallet, without leaving your house, go to Alphateca and offer your tablet, car, yacht, song of your own composition or a rare artifact of the popular computer game for sale just in a few clicks! Tens of thousands of people
    see your itemevery day – somebody will definitely like it. In a very short time, you are able to find a buyer, be paid on the cryptowallet, and safely buy the goods you need from hundreds of categories located on the crypto marketplace. You do not have to withdraw currency from the whole cryptosystem – you can pay for any product or service right from your cryptowallet.
    On Alphateca, a cryptocurrency itself can be a commodity – for example: you put several Ethereum coins on sale and specify how many other cryptocurrencies you want in exchange. This process is similar to a сryptocurrency exchange, but allows you to avoid exchange commissions and delays, since in fact, this is an exchange transaction.
    • All in one:
      Numerous goods and services are collected on a single platform, which is
      very convenient to use. In just a few clicks, you are able to find the car you are interested
      in, contact sellers of car consumables and accessories, maintenance services, the nearest
      car wash or even a tuning salon – all of this without leaving the platform.
    • Worldwide:
      Buyers and sellers from all over the world meet in one place – on the
      Alphateca platform. When visiting another country, you can easily find goods and
      services in your city or region. Imagine how simple it will be to buy or rent all that you
      need without agency fees, or loss of interest when exchanging your country’s currency for
      local. You just come to your favorite city to relax, go to Alphateca, choose a product or
      service according to the place of stay, click on “contact seller” button and the seller
      instantly receives an alert from the platform.
    • Quick and cheap transactions:
      The network commission for a transaction of cryptocurrency will be
      much less than the bank ones. Because of seller’s cost reduction
      the final price of the goods can be lower for the buyers too. Transaction is not subject to
      additional charges and does not lose interest when transferred to another country.
      Cryptocurrency is delivered to the seller’s account within minutes regardless of the
    • Convenience of transactions:
      All the necessary transaction tools are already on the
      platform: secure and fast purchase of cryptocurrency in a few clicks, conversion between
      any of the existing currencies.
    • Wide marketing coverage:
      Our marketing strategy involves gradual offline and online
      advertising around the world and the enormous use of Internet tools for the promotion.
      We also rely on your positive experience of using the platform and we hope that you
      share it with your friends and colleagues.
    • Decentralization:
      the main feature of a successful global project. Your transactions are
      not dependant on banks working hours, holidays and weekends. Blockchain technology is
      available 24/7 and allows carrying out the most transparent operations, while maintaining
      the user’s privacy.
    • Modern support service is made in the form of a guide to keep the platform user-friendly
      at all stages of problem solving. You do not need to create an account of the platform to
      get help – all information is available without authorization. Useful information is divided
      into the following sections: FAQ; forum, where the project community answers users’
      questions, while earning reputation and achievements; direct support through a
      convenient form; video tutorials on using the website; special section for partners; and a
      blog with reviews of innovations.
    • Guarantor service:
      Users of the platform can always use the services of the guarantor to
      conduct a secure transaction. The guarantor is an intermediary between the seller and the
      buyer. He monitors the terms of the transaction and is the first stage of arbitration. For
      example, you are going to buy a precious metal with cryptocurrency – and you have
      already found a seller on Alphateca. Using the Guarantor service, you transfer the amount
      to a secure account, which is frozen until the end of the transaction. The buyer and the
      seller carry out the transaction; the guarantor monitors the observance of all the subtleties
      and the fulfillment of all obligations. As soon as he made sure of a positive outcome, the
      cryptocurrency passes from the frozen account to the seller, and the buyer receives the
      precious metal. Otherwise, the cryptocurrency is immediately returned to the buyer’s
    • Hold service:
      The buyer has an option to put the payment on Hold for a while. This is a
      fully automatic system, which transfers the buyer’s cryptocurrency to a secure wallet and
      transfers it to the seller after some time (Hold period). The presence of Hold in the
      transaction prevents the buyer from cheating on the one hand, and confirms his serious
      intentions for the seller on the other hand. Hold, for example, is a great tool when
      planning holidays and rental housing. Hold is automatically “defrosted” on the day of
      arrival, if the buyer has not canceled the payment for any reason. The presence of Hold
      guarantees the seller that the entire amount has already been paid by the buyer, and the
      buyer can check the conditions specified in the lease announcement, before further
      movement of funds.
    • Private auction :
      Any seller can initiate a Private auction and send invitations to those
      persons whom he wants to see as the participants of the transaction. Suppose you have a
      rare item, which can be interesting to a narrow circle of collectors. You fill in the
      flypage; choose the time of the auction, its conditions and its type – “private”. In your
      personal account, you will receive a direct link for the participation in the auction and
      then you can send it by e-mail, SMS, telegram or within the website to those you deem
      interested. The invited user will be able to create a crypto account and immediately
      replenish it, or use an existing one. The results of the auction will be announced to the
      participants by e-mail and in the personal account within the platform.
    Crytocurrency has become part of crypto enthusiast’s daily lives. So we can therefore conclude that cryptocurrency should take the next step of it’s evolution. That is, to apply it to buy and sell our daily living needs. With the Alphateca platform, it is very possible to apply these in various situations. This is how Alphateca will change the crypto sphere and crypto industry.
    For Buyers All-in-one is a great opportunity to find any product or service in one place with
    minimum effort. Search by city/category/ item to select the best offer . For example, if you buy a
    scooter, smart tips with related products will help you find the right supplies or an appropriate
    service for technical inspection in your city. Alphateca is a Worldwide platform and this means
    that you will be able to find and contact sellers of scooters, oil, rubber and automobile
    workshops in whatever country you are staying. You will not need to search for an exchange
    office, lose interest on exchange transactions, you will be able to pay with cryptocurrency for
    any service or product in any place convenient for you.
    On the Alphateca platform anyone can be a seller, a civil person who just wants to sell his
    smartphone or juridical- the official online store with hundreds of products. Placement on
    Alphateca is a developing vector for e-commerce in the 21st century.
    All-in-one, Worldwide mean only one thing for the seller: a seller can always find a buyer for
    anything anywhere. This will be facilitated by a huge catalog of products, optimized search
    system, fine-tuning of your offers – you simply need to place a product or service in the desired
    category and you will receive views and feedback immediately. Stay in the settings menu a little
    longer, it can greatly increase the coverage of the audience: for example, you can mark the
    location; it will show your products not only to local residents, but also to visitors and tourists. If
    you were selling goods only in your city, think, may you be ready to assert yourself in the
    international platform?
    When selling goods, you do not need to be tied to a geographical feature, for example, to open a
    branch for receiving payments in a particular country. The speed of cryptocurrency transactions
    is always high, and the commission is low. You just fill in flypage on the Alphateca platform, get
    a response and accept payment in any convenient cryptocurrency. The transaction takes only a
    few minutes.
    Worldwide function and search by city/ category/ item will help your shop or online store to
    attract new customers and simplify relations with existing ones. You will show customers around
    the world that you go in step with the progress by offering them to buy goods with
    cryptocurrency. The user goes to the store page, selects the product, and pays for it with
    cryptocurrency and your managers are already preparing the product for sending.
    Now you do not need to invoice the buyer and wait for the money transfer for a few working
    days. Quick and cheap transactions on the Alphateca platform will allow you to save time and
    cryptocurrency, because the commission when using Alphateca will always be much lower than
    in the bank, and the speed of transactions within the network will seriously shorten the time of
    payment confirmation.
    • Worldwide
      You can either buy or order anything from any country paying cryptocurrency.
    • All-in-One
      A great variety of goods and services are gathered at the Cryptomarket with a user-friendly interface. There is no need to surf the NET and scroll through websites and bookmarks anymore – you have Alphateca.
    • Garant service
      Suspicious about a deal? We have made sure to provide security for you.
    • Fast and cheap transactions
      The commission on cryptocurrency transactions will be noticeably lower that any bank can offer.
    • Advanced Support
      Specially for you, we have FAQ’s, tutorials, guides, forum, and, most importantly, a direct user support.
    • Sell Better
      You can hold an auction! And, if you know someone, who might be interested, then great – hold a Private Auction!
    How Alphateca Works:
    Alphateca is based on two principles: loyalty to the traditional money and a global aspiration to popularize the usage of cryptocurrency in the everyday life.
    It all starts with an instant registration: just in a few clicks you can create an account, and that is how you can already buy or sell anything all over the world.
    In case you don’t have a cryptowallet, we will show you how to get one. It is extremely easy for anybody to enter the world of cryptocurrency e-commerce with Alphateca.
    You can get three types of benefits by participating in the ICO:
    • an ICO participant can use tokens to buy Alphateca services at minimal costs;
    • an ICO participant can resell tokens at any moment to other users by way of the special service
      that is integrated into the platform;
    • an ICO participant can use tokens to start their own business in the framework of the platform;
      for example, purchase advertisement spots at minimal price in the tokens and sell it for higher
      price in cryptocurrency.
      As soon as the ICO finishes, the price for paid services on the Alphateca platform will increase,
      but it will be twice lower in tokens than in any other payment option. If you support the project
      at an early stage – and with a 25% bonus you actually get 250% benefit from the support
      amount. With each increase of the price of paid services on the platform the value of the token
      The most appealing advantage of being our supporters.
      Alphateca provides with a special service that allows to change APEC tokens for cryptocurrency
      with other users. The favorable exchange rate will be provided by the high demand for the
      services of the site.
      If we talk about the figures: During the ICO period for 1 ETH you get 7000 ATEC + bonus
      depending on the stage, the amount and time of the transfer of funds. After ICO the cost of
      services in tokens will increase twice. Thus, the ICO participants, who supported 10 ETH in the
      first days, will receive 87,500 ATEC at the main stage of ICO, which will be 25 ETH in a month
      after the end of the ICO. (The same is the equivalent to other currencies)
      Why Alphateca? It is obvious. Our tokens are a guarantee of getting the service at the best price
      during the ICO! Thus, the supporter does not invest in the conditional security, then to hope that
      it will be released on the exchange and will grow in price. The token exchange is already inside
      our platform! The cost of services will be systematically increased on the platform for all users,
      while additionally increasing the cost of the token!
    To know more about the Alphateca Platform;
    You can visit the following,
    Bitcointalk Profile URL –;u=2002666

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