Greetings to you all readers, in this article i will be discussing what exactly this brand new and groundbreaking innovation(MyCryptoBank) is all about and i will appreciate your standing by till the end.

In the modern internet space, more and more attention is paid to cryptocurrency investments and the investment market and Blockchain is becoming the cornerstone of modern innovation and has the potential to revolutionize the world. Recognizing this potential, we at MyCryptoBank have assembled a professional team of budding entrepreneurs and seasoned investors to create an all-encompassing blockchain trading platform. Since cryptocurrency is designed for mainstream adoption, our platform will be a stop-shop for clients that intend to earn huge returns on investment. We will create a user-friendly system that incorporates both traditional markets and the blockchain based assets.

MyCryptoBank  ( is an online bank allowing any client registered in the electronic bank system to make a full range of bank operations, additional operations with cryptocurrency (payment processing, debit cards, credits and cheap investment products, use of cryptoassets as credit security and many others) based on Blockchain technology without visit of department. MyCryptoBank (MCB) tokens will be used within the internal ecosystem.

MyCryptoBank offers its clients a multifunctional platform of banking service, which represents a hybrid system combining digital and traditional currencies. The use of digital currencies makes operations faster and cheaper, while traditional currencies guarantee practically all-round acceptance and validity. One account combination allows clients simultaneously using advantages of both types of currencies.

MyCryptoBank Has some features including:

MyCryptoBank offers its clients a multifunctional banking services platform, representing a hybrid system that combines traditional and digital currencies
The use of digital currency makes operations faster and cheaper, while traditional currencies guarantee acceptance and validity of all practical
One combination of accounts allows clients to simultaneously use the advantages of both currencies.

MyCryptoBank meets the rules by sharing the process of receiving bank licenses and licenses to work with cryptocurrency that directs them legally to work both with banknotes and cryptocurrency
The license enables the right person to provide services on the change, transfer, transfer, and storage of cryptocurrency and other virtual values to clients from any point in the world, both at representative offices and remotely through modern communication channels.

MyCryptoBank Service:

MyCryptoBank provides the client’s remote access service to accounts, bank products, and services and allows performing all bank operations.

  1. Wallet (cryptobank phone)
    All the services of the bank are always in your pocket around the clock through your mobile application and computer.
  2. The exchange of cryptocurrency / cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency / fiat
    You can easily exchange any currency online.
  3. Transfer Money Worldwide
    MyCryptoBank enables you to send money anywhere in the world, regardless of your location with a minimum commission.
  4. Crypto-ATM and Crypto Machines
    MyCryptoBank plans to develop a network of ATMs around the world, as well as conclude agreements with third-party banks on the use of their ATMs.
  5. Crypto-Acquiring
    MyCryptoBank allows you to accept any currency as a payment by the seller.
  6. Virtual Card
    To conduct transactions in crypto-currencies, virtual cards Visa, Mastercard, and UnionPay will be created. In addition, there will be available mobile services, such as ApplePay, SamsungPay, and AndroidPay. This will allow you to pay through general POS-terminals that support PayPass, payWave, QuickPass, websites, and also allows you to withdraw or deposit cash at ATMs.
  7. P2P Financing and Loans
    Customers will be able to take loans exactly as they did in conventional banks.
  8. Debit Card
    Customers of the bank can order a debit card with cryptocurrency support.
  9. Forex Trading
    MyCryptoBank  gives access to the interbank market from the Forex market. Users will be able to conduct trade transactions bypassing intermediaries. In addition to futures trading transactions on crypto-currencies will be available.
  10. The Deposits: Customers can store their savings and get interested in them.4.png

ATM infrastructure

The company has started building ATM infrastructures which will allow users to access funds from different parts of the world. The ATMs are designed to work on crypto currency where users can access their funds easily. Apart from the use of the cards, the platform is also very effective in helping users access Forex trading services. Mycryptobank is designed in such a way it will offer all services which traditional banks offer but it will operate on blockchain technology where crypto currency will be used.

  1. Benefits of MCB Token:

    The MCB Token is a rapidly growing cryptocurrency that allows you to make payments, make remittances instantly and worldwide
    The MCB Token will be listed on the main cryptocurrency exchange
    Token MCB gives its owner access to all banking services

    Distribution Token And Ico:

    mcb distribution of token.png

    Token info
    Token : MCB
    Platform: EOS
    Token Price: 0.2 USD
    Token for sale : 517,075,000 MCB (65%)
    Token supply: 795,500,000 MCB

    Investment info
    Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 100,000,000 USD
    Accepting: ETH, BTC, LTC, FIAT, BCH, EOS
    Restricted countries: United States of America
    Know Your Customer: Yes
    Whitelist: No
    Pre-Sale Starts 2 days, 5 hours from now
    Pre-Sale 07/16/2018 midnight — 08/16/2018 midnight
    Token Sale 09/10/2018 midnight — 10/14/2018 midnight




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ETH ACC. – 0x1911F0E835DA0706b783DDE62274280CE91f1F61
BTT profile link –;u=2246034



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