Building platforms that connect builders and contractors. Currently, there are three issues discussed in the construction industry.
  1. Increasing competition will be more difficult for customers.
  2. Builders can not find what they are looking for.
  3. Consumers are unsure about the quality of builders who recruit themselves. In addition, the project price is too high.


As a consumer, you just submit your project details, and relevant specialists will show your offer. Then this specialist will complete the plan and take part in the reverse auction to determine how much. This will get you working at a lower level.

As the contractor you provide for each project, you feel comfortable.
As a builder, you can search for construction jobs in the area you want to work on.


Bldidium is a platform for connecting contractors with local customers looking for regular or temporary projects.

Your project relates to relevant customer profiles and professionals based on location, ability, and experience.
Latest reviews about hardware stores
US $ 773 billion is the only cost.  US is expected. The ASEAN market also exceeded one trillion dollars in the manufacturing sector. Europe does not go. According to Deloitte, production in European countries is increasing. This means there is a large production market.


Get quality construction services on a limited budget
Customers always love them when they meet their needs. Billedium actually embraces this desire, and now you can let their multinational companies understand the buildings of their dreams.
Blackchine technology is safe to pay
There is no reason for a business to be delayed or failed. Our secure payments with unique decentralization capabilities ensure no network fraud or criminal activity opportunities.
Proactive schedule
2018   Q 1
Development of a billiardium platform
Sales Level 1 
Build on Azer Strenuous Research, Tip = On, and Calcula = Build Tokyo prices set at 6,650 tokens = 1 etth and minimum investment of 0.1 etth. There is a 33% discount. During this presale, we have 2500 ETH soap caps. Hard hats set at 12,000 ETH. If the token exceeds this value, then AC = true must be taken over. Con = nua = at E8 weeks.


Sergei Galuza
Sergey is the CEO of AIS Novations, a large and reliable software development company providing services that include JavaScript, NodeJS, Angular, React Native, .NET Core, etc. He has served as a strategy development expert, team manager, and software developer for over 12 years now and in the process his pedagogical skills are well demonstrated.  He has worked with a dedicated team and has achieved great success in the areas of software development, web support, maintenance, etc. Armed with the achievement of this star, Sergey is on track to steer Builderium in the right direction.
Vaidotas Kazemekas
Team leader.  Have a progressive experience in managing projects (strategic planning, business development, improving customer service, B2C sales support and debt collection), while working as a director in consumer credit.  Direct sales in real estate and while working in the bank.  I look for opportunities to work with exciting projects in a dynamic business environment.  I see the potential to use my existing knowledge and apply a high corporate culture.
Algirdas Miceika
Algirdas has pioneered the sales department of several well-performing organizations and he has 15 years of relevant work experience.  His dedication and dedication to creating innovative sales strategies ensures that he always notes extraordinary success in every project.
In the industry, Algirdas has a reputation for making relatively unknown brands becoming famous in the world and he brings a wealth of unparalleled experience and encouragement to the Builderium team.  He also took part in one of the largest international competitions consisting of about 500 annual construction projects.  His skills in management, leadership, and organization will prove instrumental to the Builderium team.
Denis R.
Denis Ragovski
Denis is a financial adviser with an impressive track record in the banking industry.  He has an excellent knowledge of banking transaction operations, legal opinion writing, e-wallet, etc. However, ICO and cryptocurrency markets have been a pursuer for the past few years.  He serves as a legal advisor to Builderium, offering insight and acumen on important projects.
Lina Kavaliauskaitė
Lina Kavaliauskaitė
Lina is a marketer serving Microsoft’s team in Lithuania, working diligently to spread the use of technology.  Lina also worked with Lenovo for a while, pioneered a successful campaign and touted other digital marketing strategies.  At the Builderium team, he has demonstrated an unparalleled prowess and a genuine understanding of the construction market.
Achmedov Ruslan
Achmedov has a first degree in Computer Aided Design from Moscow State University of Design and Technology and proceeds to KU Leuven, Belgium, for Master of Information Management.
Achmedov has quickly promoted to the foreign affairs ministry in Russia and he also serves as an international relations expert at the Institute for Space Engineering Research in Russia.  He also has the privilege of serving Accenture, a leading professional service provider, as an apprentice.  He has trained his leadership sharpness, serving as CEO and co-founder of Minime3D in Russia, a platform for him to demonstrate his skills and abilities.
Nerijus Morkunas
Builderium is proud to announce the presence of Nerijus Morkunas as one of the brains behind the concept.  Nerijus is an experienced project manager who is determined to improve the state of the construction industry for builders and clients through Builderium.  He is a relentless worker with an unrivaled work ethic and this attribute leads to 15 years of success as a project manager, web developer, IT consultant, and marketer.  The hope is that Builderium will change the lives of some people around the world.


Naviin Kapoor
Naviin Kapoor
Builderium is pleased to announce Naviin as one of its consultants.  Naviin, with nearly 12 years experience as project manager and business analyst, has led the project on the Ethereum, Hyperledger, and Bitcoin platforms.  He, in summary, transformational leaders are driven by goals with a tendency to innovative solutions.
He has a perfect understanding of consensus methodologies such as mining, Proof of Work, and Proof of Stake, etc. And has led some troubling blockchain projects in the financial sector.  His proven experience in providing the perfect strategy to improve the process, leading engineering, and business solutions will surely steer Builderium in the right direction.
Assiya Shabi
Assiya Shabi
Builderium is proud to announce Assiya’s presence in the team.  Assiya is a financial expert, ICO advisor, and an expert strategist.  He served as CEO of The Icologist – an unconventional ICO service provider with headquarters in Paris.  Assiya gladly loves technology, science, on, crypto, and decentralization.
He holds an MBA in Commerce-Finance at ESLSCA Business School and is currently pursuing a Ph.D.  in the same section.  His Favorite Quote is one taken from the heart of quantum mechanics that sometimes governs politicians or CEOs, “As long as no one is watching, anything goes.” Assiya’s love for crypto is convincing and will definitely push the Builderium forward.
Sam Buxton
Sam Buxton
Sam is an experienced veteran who has demonstrated an unimaginable passion for economics, e-business, and investment in particular.  Her passion has made it a significant investment in time, effort, and resources on startup in FX, digital assets, simplified online payments, and investment sectors.  Similarly, he took a step of faith to dig up and ensure that Builderium got out.
Mark Gregory.
Mark Gregory.
Mark is a qualified & listed architect with more than 15 years of work experience in the construction industry.  When he does not offer professional services, he teaches architectural design, construction, and urban design for undergraduate and postgraduate students.  The goal is to implement designs and constructs that utilize passion to deliver innovative solutions to challenges in the Builderium, regardless of the magnitude of the task.
Diego Rodrigo
Diego Rodrigo
The Builderium is proud to have Diego on board and his wealth of experience will be useful in the team.  He is a registered architect with more than 12 years in the construction industry.  For 12 years now, Diego has been tasked with designing, 3D modeling, and residential and commercial building design.  He also has a talent for Vectorworks, serving residents of the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States.
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