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Tokenstars ICO is scheluded to end on 28th of February but there is still some time to get introduced and invest.

The core idea behind TokenStars is to bring the interaction between stars, fans and advertisers to a new level and solve celebrity management industry problems.

Stars: talents and pros. In an era when professional career development highly relies on the ability to attract social capital and access the funding sources, stars need more ways to get discovered by the audience and sponsors.

Fans. The balance of celebrities, fans, and media has shifted dramatically. Fans no longer just watch. In real time they participate, analyze, critique, fantasize and connect with their favorite stars. Fans need innovations that will provide opportunities for interaction and two-way communications with celebrities.

Advertisers. Brands seek new channels of promotion with highly engaged audience and demand transparent and adjustable tools to run advertising campaigns.

TokenStars solves 4 major problems of market participants:

1. Talents (future stars). Tokenstars will provide financial support to young talents at the critical junior age, so they don’t drop out of professional sports and entertainment industries. Tokenstars also helps them to attract audience and accumulate social capital from the beginning of collaboration, to start professional career with a sufficient handicap (in comparison to their peers).

2. Pros (active sports & entertainment stars). They offer representation and marketing promotion to the established pro-athletes and media personalities, that are already attractive for sponsors but were overlooked by traditional agencies.

3. Fans desire much closer interaction with stars celebrities and more influence over their favorite clubs. They provide fans communities with opportunities to communicate in real time, choose future stars and become involved in the celebrity activities.

4. Advertisers. Brands seek for combination of transparent advertising formats, as well as for more engaged audiences. TokenStars offers brands an opportunity to access highly involved fan audience and increase the efficiency of campaigns by implementing advertising smart contracts.

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TEAM tokens are necessary to facilitate the engagement between different participants on the platform. TEAM tokens will serve as:

1. Form of access to TokenStars platform features, that verifies the token holder’s rights to participate in the activities, conducted within the ecosystem.

2. Internal currency – tokens will be used as a form of settlement in the transactions conducted within the platform. This will also allow Tokenstars to avoid usual difficulties with fiat currencies such as low speed and trans-border payments related regulations.

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In conclusion lets look at the top 5 reasons to invest:

  1. Huge audience around celebrities: 20 top stars support TokenStars and participate in our project. They bring expertise and attract a huge fan audience to our platform.
  2. TEAM will be constantly demanded by fans and advertisers because tokens are required to get access and pay for interaction on the platform. TokenStars encourages interaction between stars, advertisers and millions of fans, and provides strong incentives to token holders for participation.
  3. Large market: TEAM disrupts a $100 billion industry that’s grown ~4 times over the last 15 years.
  4. Platform is live: The first module was launched in 2017. The TokenStars platform is built on blockchain to provide transparency and scalability to the highly lucrative celebrity management industry.
  5. Successful track record: Having successfully started with the ACE token for tennis ($4.9M+ raised by the end of the sale), TokenStars combines sports & showbiz in the TEAM token, supported by world-known celebrities (FIFA World Cup champs and NHL stars on the advisory board).

Please visit these web pages on more information about Tokenstars project:

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