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Technology in the world is getting more and more shocking, from capable people to poor people who can still feel how the impact of today’s technology, anyone and anywhere, everyone must feel, unlike before, the ancients sent goods also had to pass through a postman, sending messages also had to pass the mail, everything was minimal, but now it was different, everything was instant, no need to bother sending goods, sending messages, even ordering food could be only mobile phone capital, it was very proud right ?

Regardless, do you have a car? or do you want to buy a new car? yeah .. surely you think that if you buy a car you must go to the dealer first to choose the car you want right ?, and now I have new news for you, have you ever heard AUTOBAY ?! if you do not know let me see the explanation that I will tell for you.

AUTOBAY is the first e-commerce platform based on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to sell, buy and auction vehicles using cryptocurrency as a payment method. Yeah .. sell, buy and auction cars with cryptocurrency, maybe you are a little confused with it, surely you will also ask “How to do?”, AUTOBAY will help ease the process of buying, selling, auction your car with THE AUTOBAY DAPP and WEBSITE already provided by AUTOBAY with filters that customize car searches such as brand, year, model, milage and distance so you can customize to find car results within a 20 mile radius, incredibly. Not only that, once you find the car you want, by clicking “I’m interested” you get the seller’s address and the profile and the seller get your profile information, so he knows first who will visit the car. This will help dealers manage and understand requests from each of their vehicles. Once you are sure to choose the car and want to take it, no need to use cash, AUTOBAY allows you to pay directly with Autoray Token (ABX), Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) without the need for cash payment to buy a car.

It’s very easy to buy a new car, only with a HANDPHONE you have, you only need to visit the website provided by AUTOBAY and just click! You can get your car very easily, it’s amazing right.

Regardless of how to buy, auction, sell cars in AUTOBAY, do you know the benefits that will be gained from AUTOBAY ?, a lot of benefits for those who want to sell, buy, auction a vehicle in AUTOBAY, for sellers, sellers will have more viewers to show off the car that will be sold in AUTOBAY, for buyers, the Buyer will have a larger vehicle display above the local or regional Auction, the buyer will also be able to make payments via cryptocurrency at a very low cost. Buyers will be able to purchase cryptocurrency before Pre-Sales – General Sale Autobay tokens at a discounted price to pay for the next vehicle at a higher price.

At AUTOBAY cryptocurrency will also be used to pay for vehicle publications by users and as a payment method for companies to advertise their brands on advertising banners on the spot. Paying with ABX will offer users and companies the best discounts Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) that benefit users because it has a more competitive price and creates a higher utility for ABX Token.

Why choose AUTOBAY? Is it safe ?, AUTOBAY ensures your payment and transactions are secure between parties. low with ABX / BTC / ETH, so do not worry to lose your token, AUTOBAY will help you in the process of selling and buying your car easily and safely.


HARD CAP = $ 24.000.000
HARGA ICO = ETH 0,0001
EMISSION TOKEN = 945.000.000 ABX


Bis zum 08. Mai 47%
Mai 09 – Juni 08 37%
26. Juni – Juli 09 27% Juli
10 – Juli 17%
24. Juli – 6. August 7%

Token verkaufte 510,3 Millionen


Min. Investition 200 USD
Erhalten ETH, BTC
Verteilt in ICO 54%
Soft Cap 1.000.000 USD
Harte Briefmarke 24 Millionen USD


Q1 2017 
Produktkonzept entwickelt. Firma gegründet, Team zusammengebaut.

Q2 2017 
Website und Dapp entworfen.

Q3 2017 
Berater sind dem Team beigetreten. Beta Site Autobay entwickelt MVP.

Q4 2017 
Autobay ABX Token erstellt.
Tokensale Website entwickelt.

Q1 2018 
Autobay wird auf Websites und sozialen Netzwerken beworben.

Q2 2017 
Erster Start & Crowdsale.
Belohnungsauktion zur Verfügung gestellt.

Q3 2018 
Dezentrale Plattform und Dapp Beta-Experiment. Marketingkampagne für Plattformen.

Q4 2018 
Autobay-Website und Einführung der Dapp-Plattform.

2019 Q1 Marketing-Kampagne   für Autobay-Auktionen.

Q2 2019 
Start der Auktionsplattform.

Q3 2019 
Angebot von 3 Herstellern eines Authorized Shop Car innerhalb der Plattform für 4 Monate.

2014 Q4 Marketing-Kampagne   für die 3 offiziellen Geschäfte.

Q1 2020 
startet 3 offizielle Stores im
Betatest für 4 Monate.

Q2 2020 Das 
Angebot eines anderen Autos bietet die Möglichkeit, einen Authorized Shop zu eröffnen.

Q4 2020 
startet offiziellen Shop für Automobilhersteller in Plattform.

Marketing – Kampagne  Q3 2020  für den Official Store.



Up here I submit, hopefully useful and provide knowledge for all friends, if you want to know more about AUTOBAY, please visit the sites at:







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