CHANGENOW instant exchange aimed at providing safe, easy, and convenient service

CHANGENOW Cryptographic Digital Currency Currently Token is the first token created by the moment trading stage. Currently Tokens will charge as money inside on CHANGENOW, it will be the basic method to register new coins and tokens on our administration.

When CHANGENOW becomes very fast, tokens will be an incredible demand.

How does ChangeNOW work?

Here are the basic steps used by ChangeNOW:

Step 1) Choose your crypto currency: for example, or fiat for any amount of cryptography. In the drop-down menu, you select the desired encryption allocation.

Step 2) Enter your wallet’s address: enter your wallet, then click “Next”. If you do not have a wallet, ChangeNOW will connect you to the platform to create a wallet.

Step 3) Confirmation: Check all information and click “Confirm”.

Step 4) Deposit: ChangeNOW will generate the deposit address for you, and you send the deposit to this address.

Step 5) Earn Coins: ChangeNOW promises to find the best bet from one of the top ten built-in exchanges. Your transaction will be processed and you will receive your coin in bag destination. During the process, no KYC, email, or password is required. No long registration process, no account and no restrictions.

In general, the exchange for ChangeNOW takes 5 to 30 minutes.

CHANGENOW is trading in cryptographic money forms where you can switch silently with digital currencies.

Rather than trading cryptresources with different clients, you pay CHANGENOW to buy a crypto transform for your benefit (or you buy CHANGENOW from your pool).

You pay for administration, but you can secretly trade in an unlimited number of cryptographic forms of money.

CHANGENOW will charge a commission of 0.5%. You can exchange many crypto changes, despite the fact that Bitcoin and Etherium are very well known.

ChangeNOW Features 

ChangeNOW states all of the following functions:

Anonymity: ChangeNOW does not store your personal information, so you do not need to create an account on the platform before exchanging cryptocurrency.

Ease of use: You can deposit your own crypto currency in exchange or purchase cryptography with your Visa or Mastercard.

Just: ChangeNOW claims to choose the best exchange rate for you. All costs clearly stated before the exchange.

ChangeNOW charges 0.5%. They do not show any other fees. It appears that the table is automatically added to the exchange rate you pay. On the basis of this payment information, ChangeNOW seems to be a very competitive price.

Security issues

Centralization is taken after almost a security problem.

Some tasks that store client stores

are in danger of being hacked.

Moreover, despite observing the system as

imagined and very cautious in general, these efforts at present may experience the adverse effects of human error

or again the disappointment of innovation.

In spite of all the efforts, there is plenty of room for further damage potential

, errors that can lead to unusual cash measurement misfortunes.


Ticker: NOW

Full name: ChangeNOW Token

Type: ERC20 Token

Total supply: 200,000,000 NOW

Decimal: 8

Minimum investment: $ 50,000

Maximum investment: $ 500,000


Given that the number of Cryptocurrency users is expected to grow, ChangeNOW remains one of the best projects to invest. The project is expected to have a high number of users due to its ease of use.

CHANGENOW works by idealizing security as a goal and having undergone different infiltration tests




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