Changenow is a platform that will give opportunity to the users to exchange cryptocurrencies without any registration. It is very reliable and has simple and easy steps. Hence we would be able to use ChangeNow to do your works easily and more efficiently.

ChangeNow is highly desirable and applicable for the large volumes of people, because nowadays many people like to exchange one type of cryptocurrency for another. The reason for this is to make quick and immeadiate reactions to changing market conditions or simply because people prefer one cryptocurrency over another.

ChangeNow emerged to make exchange without restrictions, allowing users have full control of their funds and it allows the exchange of as many amount as possible which is a dream come true for many users.

Advantages of ChangeNow

ChangeNow was created by highly experienced blockchain developers. ChangeNow is now reaching among many people because of its high user friendliness.

Also ChangeNow exchanges happen extremely very quickly and reliably. Simply, the transactions of ChangeNow occurs within few minutes.

The major advantage of ChangeNow is you do not need to enter your personnel details. This is because ChangeNow does not require you to create an account. Hence this makes Changenow more safer than other alternatives which you need to create an account. No account and no personnel information means it simply minimized the risk of fraud and identity theft.

Also the amount of money that you need to exchange is very small.

ChangeNow will also give users more control over their funds than the current exchange.

ChangeNow is developing a mobile app to allow its clients to use their services using their most popular devices. The inclusion of mobile app which will make the platform more accessible and therefore it gives benefits to many users.

ChangeNow uses Twitter social media, to interact with the public. The company uses Twitter as a platform to communicate important details about the project. Customers those who have questions about the project can use Twitter as a platform, because the company responds on time.

Therefore, CahngeNow is an instant and quick exchange service intended to provide its customers with simple, safe and convenient services. The transactions will be processed in as little as five minutes. The project promises to remain honest with its customers by ensuring it doesn’t charge them extra or hidden charges. However, all this will depend on transaction volume with larger transactions taking a little longer than the smaller ones.

Why you need to select ChangeNow exchange?

  1. ChangeNow has high level of security to protect the whole transactions since it would be involving money
  2. Mostly, it prevents the case of human and technical errors
  3. ChangeNow has a very active customer support system which will put users through whenever there is any problem.
  4. The lack of sign up forms and procedures which keeps the personal information of the users is an outstanding feature of ChangeNow.


ChangeNow is a project that is expected to provide customers with unlimited cryptocurrency exchange services. Therefore, ChangeNow creates the opportunity to make the transactions of the customers more safely.

Token Information :

Token name: ChangeNOW Token
Token Type: ERC20 Token

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