Rubius – Intelligent Decentralized Contract Protocols

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is an effort or event is done to get the project development fund that is being built. By using the ICO then funds will be obtained and the project will go smoothly. ICO will offer a token to the investors who invest their funds. The given token will be given the price of the initial sale price corresponds to the Token. The token can be sold on the market cryptocurrency like bitcoin.
To be able to find out information about the bitcoin, we certainly need a friend. on this occasion I will discuss advanced applications. In which the application was developed to allow users to connect with friends directly is Rubius.

Rubius startup tools used to develop the Aryl, the software can be used, and payment platform. Aryl allows users to send, receive, or ask for payments in the currency of their choice. This includes a decentralized Ethereum wallet, which supports thousands of cryptocurrency. Can be used with Aryl Ethereum who can deliver and allows users to access centralized crypto called Rubiex, where they can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency currency selected. Aryl is basically Venmo of cryptocurrency, because it also includes aspects of social media, which allows users to connect with friends directly in the application. But, it also gives freedom of privacy for those who prefer anonymity. To finance the development of the application of Aryl Rubiex and exchanges, we have the ICO (initial coin offering). They offer their own cryptocurrency called Rubius (ticker symbol: RUBY). RUBY is a scripting platform of intelligent origin cryptocurrency that operate at Ethereum (scripting).

Its main goal is to make technology cryptocurrency Aryl and blockchain more accessible and easy to use. As with any new technology, it will take cryptocurrency and blockchain some time to hang out with the general public. they want to ease the process of with Aryl, open source, iOS Ethereum wallet, and payment application. This makes cryptocurrency easier to obtain, and also security stability in an unstable market using its own SWITCHnya. To help them achieve their goals, the application will display an intuitive layout. Aryl shows wallet Ethereum decentralized, which supports thousands of cryptocurrency2. Users will also have access to our centralized crypto, called Rubiex. By signing up to Rubiex, users can buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency Aryl options directly from the application.


  • Send, receive, and requests
    In the application of Aryl, users have the ability to send, receive, or request a token payment in the Aether, or Fiat, Ethereum, make it useful for traditional transactions in currencies and cryptocurrency.
  • Wallet Functionality
    Aryl provides users with many features, such as creating a decentralized Ethereal wallet (a pair of keys for this wallet is stored locally on Your iOS device), the balance of the Aether and the Ethereum token, and can change the password wallet
  • The use of In-iMessage
    Users will be able to send and request payment directly from their conversation iMessage. If users send or request payment from a contact who does not have an Aryl, contacts will be asked to sign up to the Aryl to complete the transaction.
  • Connect with friends
    The home screen displays all current events (i.e., the request, payment,
    events, etc.) from the user’s friends. These friends will collect directly from the contact person or social media accounts (i.e. Facebook).
  • Replace
    Aryl’s Switches feature reduces the risk of using a cryptocurrency with a user save money in a currency that is more secure, and then automatically MOVE them into cryptocurrency of their choice when they send the payment. For example, they can receive payment in the Ether and then linking repayment to U.s. dollars to save it. If they want to send money in the Ether, they can transfer dollars to the Aether to the transaction.
  • Exchange Feature (Rubiex)
    users will also be able to redeem their token for the fiat currencies of their choice. To use the Exchange, they will ask the user to register the remote application with the rubix provide additional information KYC (know your customer) to prevent money laundering and fraud.
    The user interface

    Token Info
    Name : Rubius
    Token : RUBY
    Platform : Ethereum
    Type : ERC20
    Total Crowd-sales : 210,000,000
    Total coin issued : 300,000,000
    Price : 1 ETH = 7000 RUBY

The Allocation Of The Token
The total supply of RUBY tokens is three hundred million (300,000,000 RUBY), of which 70% will be allocated to ICO. With the remaining portion, the project has allocated 5% for its reward program, 10% for its founding team, 3% for its advisors, and 12% will be kept as reserve either for partnership offer or exchanging list.


The Team
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