ARIZN- Tokenised crowd funding platform.

Part 1: What is Arizn
Arizn is a crowdfunding platform that is built on the Ethereum blockchain. A completely transparent distributed ledger that is publicly view-able by anyone.

Arizn uses smart-contracts to provide a range of products that offer a stake, equity, asset backed or loan based digital assets in exchange for cryptocurrency funding a campaign on our platform.

This allows founders, start-ups and existing businesses to tokenise their project and create an accessible, liquid and transparent offering for potential funders.

These tokens are called ALT tokens, they represent Accountability, Liquidity and Transparency which are the core principle of Arizn.

A founder will use our intuitive wizard to create compliant crowdfunding campaign, this campaign ends up as and ECR20 smart-contract that is submitted to the Ethereum blockchain.

It will manage all functions related to the receiving of cryptocurrency capital, the disbursement of funds and the automatic distribution of dividends or profits.
The global distribution of wealth is severely unbalanced, a problem that has affected every country, community and nation of this earth for as long as we can remember.

In recent times we have noticed that the “Status Quo” is being challenged, new and better technologies are being chosen for their disruptive qualities.

A perfect example is the birth of blockchain, a distributed ledger originally designed to serve as a payment system. There have been many improvements since the inception of blockchain and the Ethereum network is our point of focus.

A blockchain designed as a payment system that benefits from a second layer of functionality that allows for the creation of smart-contracts. Also known as DAPP’s these decentralized applications are pieces of computer code that are created by developers. They are designed to autonomously fulfill functions in predefined environments, they operate in a trust-less manner.

This unique smart-contract will generate ECR20 ALT tokens in return for cryptocurrency funds.

Part 2: Arizn’s $2.2M Bounty

Our bounty is active until 26/09/2018, every single week you can complete tasks and earn free AALT tokens.

We have partnered with CryptoWingz to create and manage the multi-million dollar Arizn campaign. We hope to distribute a total of 15% of total AALT supply to our community, we have already welcomed 12,ooo members thanks to our very successful Airdrops.

Part 3 : The Solution
The solution is simple crowdfunding needs blockchain and clever smart-contracts.

Our smart-contracts offer a range of products that tokenise equity, assets or loans to create compliant digital assets in exchange for funding a campaign on Arizn.

This means that founders, start-ups and existing businesses can tokenise their crowdfunding and create an attractive and liquid offering for potential backers.

These tokens are called ALT tokens, they represent Accountability, Liquidity and Transparency which are the core principle of Arizn.

A founder will use our intuitive wizard to create compliant smart-contract based crowdfunding campaign.

The contract is then submitted to the Ethereum blockchain and distributed onto millions of computers world wide making it immune to corruption and human tampering.

This unique smart-contract will generate ECR20 tokens in return for funds. These new tokens are minted automatically and sent to the backers wallet.

ALT tokens are instantly trade-able and can be used as a form of payment or instantly exchanged for any type of suitable value.
Part 4 : Token Structure

September 2017
September 2017 – Complete Closed Beta testing deployed on Ropsten. Successfully deployed 4 ECR20 templates with wizard, wallet creation, buy from ICO/DAICO no issues.
June 2018
Deploy Beta version on Ethereum main network in ICO & social network mode, allow only AALT crowdfunding campaign to facilitate ICO sales.
December 2018
LiquiDEX deploy on Ropsten or open testnet / hackathon. More details TBA.
May 2019
Official launch of Arizn crowdfunding platform on mainnet, full feature launch day release.
March 2018
Closed Beta 2.0 deployed on Ropsten. Additional DAPP’s tested, asset shift (p2p), BTC, BCH, ZEC, LTC cold wallet testnet Successful.
November 2018
Open Beta 3.0 (Ropsten) Platform test, All ICO features will be available, create ICO/DAICO, ALT shift, ETH, ZEC, LTC, BTC, BCH wallet, 200+ ECR20 token wallet, Promotional features.
February 2019
Arizn full platform test deployed on Ropsten testnet, the final phase of testing
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