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Global Banking has gone through very vital changes within this decade. The industry has grown beyond optimistic prospect. Over the period, the number of banks expanded five fold, banking operations were substantially deregulated, competitions incremented and banks were coerced to be more innovative and accommodation oriented.
Banking system is expected to offer efficacious and efficient services to its customers and the economy holistically. It is optically discerned that a bank with inhibited quandary will fortify and revitalize a venerable and dependable banking system.Unfortunately, the uncontrolled rate of magnification of the industry has engendered undesirable side effects like increase in fraud and other form of banking malfeasance cash shortages while mismanagement, bankruptcy and liquidity are found to cut across the whole banking system through the activities of board members. The banking sector have not been able to sustain the safety and efficacious flow of financial transactions due to the overbearing non- decentralization of financial control, along side the rigorous processes involved in opening accounts with them in other to do business with them. Even with the coming of the modern technology , it is to be noted that the number of persons out of each of their population are not banking amicable. Withal there is a poor posture of persons to utilize the debit card to make payment. Another pressing quandary most traditional banks faces in terms of further globalization of the banking system is the Islamic banking policies, mostly in the middle east which has always established a stunt in the magnification of banking.There is withal quandaries of delay in performing financial transactions, making of transfer across countries, efficacious regulation of exchange rate in the value of currencies etc. It is worthy to note that in lieu of the banking sector to remedy the challenges of financial transaction, it has rather opened more loop apertures for malefactions, corruption and ecumenical recession. The good news is that Rubius project has come to put a cessation to these crisis. Rubius as the designation implicatively insinuates is a denomination of a project that deals only on cryptocurrency which is situated in the cumulated states. Rubius project has a cryptocurrency coin of its own and this coins operates with the Ethereum perspicacious contract blockchain technology. It is equipollently design to perform same functions like the bitcoin and ethereum but with a more prospective focus to facilitate the quandary of circulation of currency ecumenically with its own coin, this is an indispensability in this era where the banking sectors have been subjugated by the challenges of this contemporary period of technological advancement. With Rubius, one can preserve her cryptocurrencies, with a high caliber of security guarantee, make expeditious online transaction , pay for your products or goods without carrying physical cash around, this is facilely done through its mobile app kenned as the Aryl mobile app. With the technological blue print of this magnitude it is consequently scalable, transparent, seamless, expeditious, and maintains a high caliber of precision. The Rubius project is maned by a team of experts people who are ready to execute the project to a successful completion. Some of the members of the team are seen in the graphics below:


The Rubius project will be concentrating on three key areas on its operations which is on Smartphone app kenned as Aryl,web base exchange regarded as Rubiex and Rubius coin. These three key areas will be the operational desk at which Rubius will reach out to her users and the entire world.
After this primary focus, Rubius will built a decentralized internet that will avail establish an ecumenical coverage of her decentralized operation devoid of national barriers. This will be done with thousands of contrivances and computers bulwarked by the blockchain technology so as to become the first to own the worlds decentralized internet. Aryl is an app owned by Rubius, it is ergo an open-source Ethereum wallet and payment platform, Aryl’s main purport is to make cryptocurrency and blockchain technology more accessible, consumer-cordial and imperil-free. With Rubiex, users can buy, sell, and trade cull cryptocurrencies directly from the Aryl app. It equipollently has diverse purposes at which it promotes, which are sending and receiving of request, a built mechanism for connecting with friends, making internet message and a security wallet that performs multiple functions. Rubius is hereby opening the sale of her coins for investors to invest in buying and make fat income due to the scalability and consequentiality of this program in solving finance crisis rocking both the traditional banking sector and the cryptosphere. The pre ICO will run from July 31st ,2018 where as the main ICO will run from 21st august,2018 for a period of 2 weeks. Below is a display of the ICO schedule table;


RUBIUS will be distributing her coin to all those who will be participating in the development of this project.


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