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Cryptocurrency cannot be separated from innovation and advances in digital technology that cannot be dammed and increasingly affect modern human life. In this modern era, Crypto is also taking public attention with its arrival, so that many crypto platforms in the world compete with their various goals.

Each of their media is ordered by the government with information from certain sources but has a negative level that may be high but low positive and still cannot be sure it is right or wrong. News has a high influence on the community, this is a problem but with the Project of the CEWNOTE Platform which is a decentralized news platform in blockchain will provide solutions that can be solved in a structured way.

What Is A CEWNOTE Platform?

Cewnote is a platform created or developed with a decentralized blockchain system that provides more reliable News services from government-controlled news. Cewnote with Algorithm capability using Token Cewnote, in terms of improving the quality of the decentralization of the news industry. Cewnote Platform also provides incentive services for users to create and analyze news in the world. The Cewnote platform aims to create information that is environmentally friendly and trustworthy in the community and the Girl Platform will provide a good level of news with a decentralized system.The Cewnote platform will move quickly to further refine the quality of news by using online websites / media served by professionals to provide revolutionary progress in the news industry worldwide.VISION
Our vision is to be an advanced news platform using blockchain
technologies and features to revolutionize the news industry.

Our mission is to give the masses a chance to decide whether the news is reliable or not.

Why Should CEWNOTE?

Because we know the concept of news is different from the concept of news on the Cewnote platform, Project compliance on the blockchain system when all the news distributed by the decentralization system will be available to the public. Cewnote will keep readers at a focal point in the news for the companies involved. The main purpose of News is to provide factual news that is truly safe to trust that is curated and moderated by the community itself. to maximize the cewnote process by thoroughly spreading the news through the mobile apps developed to achieve this goal.csada.png

Cewnote With Operation Mode

Cewnote has its own way of working with a centralized platform built on the Etherium blockchain any news published from the Cewnote Platform that will be replicated on every connection by the community and accessible to the public. Reader, writers, reviewers and publishers will get the same Token as the number of positive contributors who entered the Cewnote platform. The core of the main project progress in Cewnote network is the Author, reviewers, Readers, & Publishers.

Benefits Of The Cewnote Platform

Cewnote Delivering the news in an amazing way with the best position that is completely different from traditional news and other media industries.

Platform With Blockchain Friendly

Blockchain technology is developed by communities from platforms that can enable reliable information, so that’s the difference with traditional news.

Cewnote App

The mobile application will soon be launched in the near future for iOS and Android users. This app has the process of viewing news very easily. It has transaction feature with token on Cewnote platform and the compilation of this offline app can also be used maximally.

Global System & Secure Platform

Cewnote not require personal information, Cewnote more concerned about the privacy of the authors and contributors. the client will have access to the worldwide anonymous, Payment will be made in the cenote Tokens.

Cewnote Token Distribution

Cewnote have token supplies a maximum of 200 million. Of this, 140 million tokens will
provided for ICO. Sales token which consists will:

  • Personal pre-sale
  • Pre-sales
  • General sales, and
  • The reward program (which provides free Cewnote tokens).


Easy & Friendly Token Integration

Interesting opportunities get paid for writing articles.



Team Work

For more information about the team from this project please visit the link :

Partners :

Partner.jpgCewnote will fully develop its concept of all traditional media, providing a major step forward in the news industry. Cewnote platforms that have a decentralized blockchain system make it easy for the Users. I highly recommend the project from CEWNOTE Platform for you to follow.

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