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Hello everyone meet again with my post this time, of course still around the world of cryptocurrency, but this time I will try to make a more hot topic among the citizens, an ICO on a platform that moves in the field of convenient exchange platform whether this let’s discuss together to be clearer
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What is ChangeNow?

ChangeNow is a platform that allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies without a registration, in just a few simple and easy steps. So, for example, if you want to change your Bitcoin into Ethereum, you would be able to use ChangeNow to do this easily and efficiently. This service is extremely desirable for large volumes of people because many people like to quickly exchange one type of cryptocurrency for another. This is either to make quick reactions to changing market conditions, or simply because people prefer one cryptocurrency over another.

How it Works

To use ChangeNow, you will first have to start out with some cryptocurrency of your own. The first step is to select the cryptocurrency that you would like to exchange. You can choose Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. The next step is to enter your wallet address. After that, you must confirm that your address information is correct, so make sure that you have filled in all the characters correctly. Next, you will be given a cryptocurrency address to deposit the funds you would like exchanged into. Following this, you should send the amount of cryptos that you want exchanged to that wallet. After you do this, ChangeNow will find the best exchange rate out of 10 cryptocurrency exchanges, and exchange your cryptocurrency. Finally, the new cryptocurrency will be sent to your wallet. It is a very simple process and it does not require you to complete any sort of registrations. This makes it exceptionally convenient.

Here is the fundamental well ordered with which CHANGENOW works:

1.) Choose your digital currency:

you can pick the bitmoan trade for Ethereum, for instance, or fiat for cryptography in any sum.

Starting from the drop menu, you select the coveted crypto assignment.

2.) Enter your satchel address: enter your wallet and afterward click “Next”.

On the off chance that you don’t have a tote, CHANGENOW will interface you to the stage to make a wallet.

3.) Confirm: check all the data and snap “Affirm”.

4.) Deposit: CHANGENOW will produce a store address for you, and you send a store to this address.

5.) Getting coins: CHANGENOW guarantees to locate the best wager from one of the ten coordinated trades.

Your exchange will be handled and you will get your coins in the satchel goal.

All through the procedure, there is no requirement for KYC, email or passwords.

There are no long enrollment forms, there are no records and there are no limitations

Project-Related Benefits

ChangeNow will continue to work to improve and improve its services by introducing new features. For example, customers can easily exchange more than 100 coins and buy them with fiat.

ChangeNOW will give users more control over their funds than the current exchange. The project is evolving towards decentralization of exchanges.

There are complaints about the lack of easy to use and easy-to-use virtual currency exchange. ChangeNOW is developing a mobile app to allow its clients to use their services using their most popular devices.

ChangeNOW will be a fully decentralized exchange system. This system will allow decentralized trade between users (peer to peer) to take place through an automated process. One of the main assets in this platform is Token NOW.

ChangeNow is on Twitter where it interacts with the public. The company uses a platform to communicate important details about the project. Those who have questions about the project can use the platform because the company responds on time.

ChangeNOW is a project that is expected to provide customers with unlimited Cryptocurrency exchange services.


Ticker: NOW

Full name: ChangeNOW Token

Type: ERC20 Token

Total supply: 200.000.000 NOW

Decimal: 8

Minimum investment: $ 50,000

Maximum investment: $ 500,000


Given that the number of Cryptocurrency users is expected to grow, ChangeNOW remains one of the best projects to invest. The project is expected to have a high number of users due to its ease of use

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